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This has probably been said before, but what's your fear (phobia)? What are you most afraid of, and why are you afraid of it?

I'm afraid of spiders . . . Strangley enough, that's the only bug I'm afraid of. The reason why I'm afraid of spiders is because, when I was little I fell through some rotten floor boards at my grandparent's house. When I pulled myself out, my legs were covered with spiders! So, let's hear your story . . .

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BTW  What about Va.?

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VA...  about 9500 per every 10000 people  almost 10 percent..

KY...  There is close to  40,000 new confirmed cases per year... 


Just on Hiv and Aids...  That is enough to ruin anyone's day..


In almost every state 75 percent and up contract genital warts or herpes...  I am one of the lucky few who has had nada...

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glad therse condoms .LOL

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Yes, but the HIV virus is smaller than a sperm cell and pass through condoms...  Those aren't really the best protection.  

The disease itself originated from a species of chimp in Africa.

It is known that the virus has existed in the United States, Haiti and Africa since at least 1977-1978.

In 1979 doctors in Los Angeles and New York reported rare kinds of pneumonia, cancer and other illnesses, these rare conditions were not usually found in people with a healthy immune system.

It was in 1982 that the centres for Disease Control and Prevention officially named the condition AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) In 1984 the virus responsible for the weakening of the immune system was identified as HIV (Human Immunodeficiency.


My bad on the history lesson.

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You're an educated young woman, Babygurl; never apologize for having knowledge...no matter how depressing the subject my be (LOL)...it's part of your power.

Brains and beauty...you got it all, kiddo.  I'm guessing knowledge wasn't any of your exes strong points...not if they couldn't appreciate your qualities.

Take it easy, Babygurl.

And yes...here we go again...


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Perry the Platypus, holes in the ground, STD's, dead bodies, toilets, and midgets. . . Surprised WOW!! Anybody else want to add to the list . . . ??

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Fucking mimes.....wait that's more of an irritant...nothing really fearful bout them 3D newspapers...

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Hey! Mine is not about me. I figure, what happens, happens! Deal with it, and move on. What I fear is what my kids and grandkids have to face as they get older. Let's face it, society is not getting better, as it gets older.               Later!               Kaboom

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Heights, spiders, clowns, Oprah, police, Dr. Phil and of course Babygurl's account of how many people have "cooter poof" (i.e. STD's).  I don't expose myself to that particular population of people though. I'm almost even afraid to swim in the lake because of the nasty-ass people that go in it. Can forget using public bathrooms too.  It's kind-of-hard to convince someone to spend $4,000 dollars on STD testing over the next several years of dating before they can even touch you (a lot of the STD's take years to show up), but it is easy to spend about $400 dollars on drinks. Alcohol kills spiders, clowns and eleviates the fear of heights, at least on this end.

Impressed with your stats though Babygurl.  All those thousands are just a portion of what's even being reported too.  I asked a Doc. friend of mine one time about the stats in my old home-town and he told me that about 80% of the females there had some incurable disease.  Guy was a small town family doctor too, not a cooter doc.

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Spooky you are absolutely right....  Alcohol the cure to the common fear... LOL


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