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This has probably been said before, but what's your fear (phobia)? What are you most afraid of, and why are you afraid of it?

I'm afraid of spiders . . . Strangley enough, that's the only bug I'm afraid of. The reason why I'm afraid of spiders is because, when I was little I fell through some rotten floor boards at my grandparent's house. When I pulled myself out, my legs were covered with spiders! So, let's hear your story . . .

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Yeah, I'm not scared of the ocean itself, I'm worried about what I can't see swimming in it. I try to stick to pools, but even then you have to be careful.

I hate it when I swim into a warm spot that someone else was just in.

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heights i have been freaked out by heights since i was 6 i was at my nanas building which was like 30 floors high and me and my brother wer on the balcony he pushed me forward and the rusty railing boke if my dad hadnt grabbed me i wouldve fell off ever since when im up high i always feel like the spot is gonna break or feel like its leaning forward it sux!!!

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I tend to fear more for others rather than have a set personal phobia.


The ocean at night freaks me out. Not sharks, squids, monsters. The actual WATER. I go whitewater, even have gone over waterfalls, almost drowned and carried the gear back up to do it again. But for some reason, the open ocean at night. You can actually SEE my skin crawl and I get dangerously violent. Ask the former friend stupid cocksuckers I put in the hospital when they tried to forcibly carry me to the ocean at night. Its ok. I was outnumbered. Sissy shitbags. No. We never made it to the water.



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I have a fear of driving and begin to panic anytime i get behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle.  I'm perfectly fine if someone else is driving.

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My fear would have to be clowns.

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Oh that must have been awful for you! Spiders definatly because you cant hear them coming--but more than that even something happening to my daughter-when she was an infant , she was asleep in her crib so I went to take a shower and when I came back she was gone-she had woken up and my dad had heard her and came and brought her downstairs(we life with my parents) I was shaking by the time I got downstairs and found herhalloween 2008



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