"Paranormal Activity" yes it's a low budget indie

"Paranormal Activity" yes it's a low budget indie

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You may not think that "Paranormal Activity" was made on the budget that it was.  I won't disclose what I was told it was made for.  It got a nice distribution deal though.  My point for this is that I want to get everyones thoughts on the success this film is getting.  I also want to know what you like or dislike about it.

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it was made for 15,000 i just think is over hyped like most movies are that are especially horror with an orginal script 

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what 15 grand that's nothing that can't be wright. anyway i'll check it out on dvd i hate going to the theaters, when people talk during the movie it pisses me off to much it ruins it for me ya know. for 11 bucks a ticket i'll kick somebodys ass lol.. 'peace'

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Saw this today and no doubt it is low budget, but let me get to the real question…is it scary?


The ads say it’s the scariest move ever. Even someone from bloody-disgusting is cited…well, he or she must be…very new to the horror genre to say the least.


COULD this movie be scary? Sure, but only if you’ve never watched an episode of Ghost Hunters or seen Poltergeist.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad movie. The actors do a good job with what they’re given and the camera work is competent. Other than that there is not much to write home about.


I’d say skip it. I think that unlike “The Blair Witch Project,” which this movie is being compared to, it won’t stand up to the test of time as a low budget scare-fest.


Still, I would be interested to hear what others think.

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This movie, like Blair Witch Project, had a genius marketing campaign behind it.

Blair Witch Project treated it like found footage of an actual documentary gone horribly wrong.  This movie treated college kids in cities just out of major metropolitan areas to private screenings so that big city folk would rush over not wanting to miss anything, and relied on the power of word of mouth, combined with www.eventful.com to "demand it!"  Get a million "demands" and it got a nationwide release. 

I haven't seen it, but I know the basic set-up.  Couple moves into house, house is acting weird, husband sets up cameras to see what's going on while they sleep. ghostly madness ensues. 

I'm going to skip this film because I'm not much for ghost movies.  I'm sure it has some decent jumps and startles if that's what you're looking for in a film.

Personally, I applaud this movie for doing so well, for being an indie film yet getting a nationwide release.  Hopefully it'll keep the door open for more indie films to get some much needed spotlight instead of the Micheal Bay CGI monolith always getting attention.

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This can definitley open the oppertunities to some movies that are getting started out there. Even if its just barley producing or being made.

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Seen the movie and I did like it. Okay, so it was low budget but I thought it was a good movie. She kills him and nobody can find her. Very good, suspensful and this movie kept me on the edge of my seat.

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I fell asleep and Cee sat on the edge of her seat..I've never been into paranormal stuff real heavy..but Cee loves it..can't get enough of it...lmao..when blair witch came out Cee asked if I would watch with an open mind..so against my better judgement I agreed and watched it she only had to poke me twice before I fell asleep and watched it all the way through..she loved it I wanted to throw up...so there we go..it's not that it's low budget or filmed with a hand held camcorder..I love b-grade horror and will watch what most won't watch and like it..it's just the paranormal does nothing for me..I've tried to watch Taps and some of the other ones with Cee...well it just ain't happening...I should have just kept it short..so Cee say Yea and I say Nay...lol...Peace..Joe

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The wife and I rented it form NetFlix, and to say we were disappointed would be a massive understatement.

I wasn't scared, nor was I tense at any point in the film. The only part I enjoyed at all was the end, and then I watched the alternate ending , and that was OK as well.

I'm not trashing others opinions of the movie, but for me, if I had seen this in the theater I would have wanted my money back.


It was a very dull movie for me, like I said, until the very end. I wouldn't recommend this movie. Sorry, that's just what I got from it. Everyone has different tastes, but I'll never watch it again unless it's free on cable, and then I'll probably sleep through most of it.


I took offense at this movie. I thought it was simple, cell phone video garbage. No production qualities whatsoever and mediocre acting. The stupid trick with the white powder on the floor and the invisible footprints appearing was ACTUALLY DONE IN COMEDIES OF THE 50s by ABBOTT AND COSTELLO AND LAUREL AND HARDY, and Im supposed to find this shit "frightening". I felt I was set up. For critics from horror based organizations to say this was the "scariest movie ever". . . . . . . . please. I felt conned out of money and time by a PHENOMINAL marketing organization who bribed just the right people. Now this is JUST MY OPINION about how I feel. Its not a putdown if anyone else liked it. I already had one belligerent asshole with internet muscles take this personal who got pretty insulting. Its just my opinion about a movie that I went to see with a few people. None of the people with me liked it, most of the people in the movie were vocal upon leaving and didnt like it, however, there were two young ladies who thought it was great. Good for them. I blame the critics. This is NOWHERE NEAR THE SCARIEST MOVIE EVER MADE. I thought it was garbage. AGAIN. Just my opinion.


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Oh, you ass....I'm just kidding:) I agree 100% I don't know what movie those folks in the theater were watching in the commercials, but it wasn't Paranormal Activity.

Had they shown those scenes of people leaving, Id have believed it. I'd have been horrified at wasting my money to see this in the theater as well.


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