"Paranormal Activity" yes it's a low budget indie

"Paranormal Activity" yes it's a low budget indie

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You may not think that "Paranormal Activity" was made on the budget that it was.  I won't disclose what I was told it was made for.  It got a nice distribution deal though.  My point for this is that I want to get everyones thoughts on the success this film is getting.  I also want to know what you like or dislike about it.

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I watched it last week. Not impressed at all. I'm very glad I didn't pay for a theater ticket to see it. It was mildly boring, almost zero suspense, and did not even provide a single moment of relative "creepiness".

Scariest movie, not even close! I've seen Disney movies that were more terrifying.

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i too rented it on netflix and both me and the wife fell asleep in the middle of it ...so i dont know if i missed anything good or not but judgeing by what i did see im pretty sure i didnt ... i do have to admit that the end was cool and i liked the alt ending too ...other than that i was pretty dissapointed ....talk later


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I was one of the people who did see it in the theater, it felt like I was watching something on youtube. Paramount really pushed this film, and alot of people spent money seeing it, and considering the budget of the film thats one hell of a profit they must've turned.

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Yeah, they made good money on a rip-off of a film. I was pissed seeing The Blair Witch Project in the theater, but this would have had me really mad.

Sorry you spent the cash to see it in a theater, that's one of the reasons I joined Netflix. At least if it sucks, I'm not out much money.

Iommi, you guys could have slept through the whole thing and not missed much, lol.

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i was glued to my seat so sue me i liked it although i wont be adding it to my collection.

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To each their own bro. I'm glad you liked it. I've liked some movies that my wife thought were horrible.

I love Creepshow 3, lol, and even I have to admit it's horrible. Different strokes and all.Smile

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Look my opinion it was good marketing.  It had no soundtrack, Celebrities, or even a story. Yet it was a box office success. What makes this movie scary is the way it was made.  They made it look like this was really happening to these people(even with the in memory at the end).  Ghosts or supernatural forces are a scary thing because noone knows how they would act or react if it happened to them.  I thought it was better than the Blair Witch in the sense you get closure with the ending(s).  The second scary thing about this movie isthe fact Paramount spent more on marketing then the actual budget ofthe film.

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They marketed it great. They got people to spend the money to go to the theaters and be scared. Scared I guess is subjective, because this movie didn't scare me one bit.

I'd have been hot had I paid to see this in the theater. You're entitled to your opinion, and I respect it. But for a lot of people that paid the $8.00 or whatever, they felt ripped off.

The commercials for this film make it seem like it's terrifying throughout the movie. There wasn't anything terrifying, to me. Not even the ending, or the alternate one. They were the best part of the movie, yes. But far from terrifying.

I'm not bashing anyone who liked the movie. Like I said, to each their own. I thought it stunk and felt ripped off renting the DVD. I'd have been really mad had I seen it in the theater. If you Google fan reviews of the movie, you'll see a lot feel the same way.


I absofuckinlutelymayGodcookmyassinafrypanifIlie HATED THIS FLICK.   NOTHING PERSONAL TO ANYONE WHO LIKED IT ! AS KAVEMAN SAID, TO EACH HIS OWN. . . BUT. . . . . having paid to see this piece of dogshit I must say that I have been more scared throwing up after a drunken stupor and wondering what the fuck was that, than ANYTHING in this "movie". To me it was a con. This bullshit now that the Italian Govt. is trying to ban it cause its "too frightening", has to be their new marketing scheme to make money. JUST MY OPINION.HELLFIGHTERS SMILEY

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I'm not real sure I'm clear on your take of this movie. Could you be a little more specific about what you thought of it?Tongue outWink


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