SALO = So Horrible and not even horror!

SALO = So Horrible and not even horror!

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Was reading a discussion on the message board about a week ago about horror porn.  The film SALO was mentioned.  I got curious and ordered this one from netflix.  Big mistake.

    Not only was Salo not a horror movie, it wasn't a historical movie or anything of the like.  Netflix is usually limited in what they carry, especially if the movie is from the 1970's, which this one was. But I'm still scratching my head and wondering why, oh why they didn't carry Necromantik (which I wanted to see) but carry films as trashy as SALO.

    I wrongfully had the inclination that this was a horror movie about Nazi torture etc.  The only nazi's I saw were in the first two minutes of the movie and they didn't even have the right uniforms.  The whole movie was about naked old people, naked minors and people eating poop.  That's it.

    I don't even know why this movie was ever made. Every character in the film, throughout the ENTIRE film.................talked about eating poop, drinking pee and then also did these things, over and over again.  I was like WTF! What was the point? I don't even know what genre this film could or would fall into.  Not only that, it was boring as Hell.  Total complete waste of time. 

    Unless you like to see naked old / cross eyed people, dressing in drag and doing things that make absolutely no sense..........I wouldn't recommend the film. EVEN if someone did like these things, I think they would be really dissappointed still.

So boring, gross and weird. Don't waste your money on this one. It so resembles kiddy porn that probably renting it would land you on some FBI watch list too.

Why would people eat poop?


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Scat films! Disgusting.

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LOL! Spooky, I never recommended it!

It is an odd piece of film. What's even odder is that the reason it's on Netflix is that it's part of the Criterion Collection, a special group of art house/indie films considered classics.    

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