zombie questions ???

zombie questions ???

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why haven't we seen midget zombies before ??? little dead bastards that go for the kneecaps lol. sounds like a good horror comedy.. or what about zombies that eat other zombies, like older zombies eating fresh zombies or wounded zombies..? or what about a jewish zombie that can't eat anyone because their not kosher ??? well something to think about. 'peace'

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you guys are so bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What would you even call midget zombies, mummies, vamps or werewolves??

zombitts, gummies, midga-loaves and crammedpires?

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my little boy is a zombie midget right little foooker, nah hes ok!!!!!!, but i remember the old Phantasm and the sequel , and in the parrallel phantasm univervse there are like zombie midget fookerz there , like little jawas!!!!!check em out ,but would imagine you know the little critters i am talking bout!!!!peace!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!Yell

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I'd watch a zombie flick with a bunch of knee-nibblers!

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Hey you guys, there are movies with zombie midgets, Phantasm 1-4


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