Freaky People in the Real World: Which Ones Scare You?

Freaky People in the Real World: Which Ones Scare You?

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Ok, I'm sure we've all seen people that make us do a double take every now and then.  I'm not generally talking about disabled people (who can't help it), but more or less, people that you know could've been normal but somehow are not (like crackheads, pervs and the like).  Have you ever seen a person that at first sight or after talking to them for a little while, just plain scared the b-jeezus out of you?


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I have to agree the people on hoarders I hate them they disgust me

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Yep.  On one of the more recent episodes of "Hoarders" some kid had dead pets left in his house.  Like mummified under and around boxes of trash.

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Elderly men that think women are just play things and meant to stay in the home. >.< At least the ones that voice their opinion and try making moves on you. So I guess older pervs?

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Damn. She's on to me....I'm just kidding, lol.......maybe


the ones that are flame retardant, resistant to explosives, heavy things bounce off of, and are bullet proof. . . . . . . .  . .1911 IN ACTION (CLICK/ACTION)HELLFIGHTERS SMILEY

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Agreed HF, anyone I can't shoot is kinda me anyways.

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I was working once on a grocery store floor and this guy came up to me. He would not let his eyes wonder away from me for a second. He kept talking to me for a half hour. He knew EVERYTHING about what I did everyday as the Maintence/floor clerk. He said he wanted "to beat these guys that make you work like this." He wouldn't leave me alone, and kept trying to get me to go out on a date with him. Also he questioned about what time I got out of work. I wouldn't tell him, I knew he already knew. I mentioned my boyfriend and he freaked out and finally left me alone!


I had a stalker once. Found out too late that she had been a patient in Belleview Mental. She plotted to threaten  a woman I showed interest in. So I pulled her to the side when she least expected it and explained something REALLY scary and VOILA.TERMINATOR SMILEYPROBLEM SOLVED !



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Not to sound all billy bad assed here...but i'm the one people always are scared of till they get to know me..I stick my finger out and try to hitch a ride and never get picked up..cops have always profiled me..I have the look naturally that people always assiciate others as unwanted..shit I've been told I could'nt have a job they did'nt want to spook the shit I ain't kidding ya..and I'm the last person who would hurt ya..on a normal day...I problly should'nt post this but's between friends here..but on the other hand..I've never met anyone so far that scares me..BUT..i've met people who just creep me out..and give me the Liver Shivers...there is this one kid..well he's in his 30's now but even when he was a kid I use to say that kid makes the little hairs stand on my neck..he's so creepy...stalkers are just low lifes with no lives..never been stalked other than on line..and it's not just a thing that happens to get the same treatment..but locky I've only been stalked online...this a sweet always...Peace....Joe


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Yeah...I know ALL about online stalking.....



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