Anybody ever see these two films?

Anybody ever see these two films?

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Don't have time for a lengthy review but happened to get to watch two movies that have aired on cable called The Vampire Effect and Princess Aurora.  Both were pretty good for free entertainment.

The Vampire Effect was more or less a slightly comical love story between a vampire prince and a vamp hunter in training during the year 2046.  These European vamps are killing all the princes and the vamp prince that's still around is like the last of his kind to retain his essence etc.  Jackie Chan plays a couple short parts in this flick.

Princess Aurora is about a mild mannered store clerk lady that goes on a killing spree.  She becomes a serial killer but the victims aren't random.  You find out the whole plot later into the film.  She leaves a kid's cartoon character sticker "princess aurora" on all the victims, not because she's completely nutz but because it relates to her motives for revenge.  It has a really decent ending to. 

Neither one of these movies is overly gory, both have decent action scenes.  Might be worth a look-see if nothings on at night and you're bored.

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Thanx for the info Spooky.. Know if either is on DVD???

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Not sure about the DVD thing.  I would think that Princess Aurora would be out maybe on Netflix.  It was pretty well put together.

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Thanks Spooky I will look for them both. We are Japanese horror fans in my house, if they are subtitled or dubbed it's even better.

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When I was going through a major vampire-movie-addict stage, I picked up The Vampire Effect. It was overall good.. and funny. I really liked the scene where the guy rode around the church on a scooter.

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will have to check out these two films, sound alright

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I think I've seen The Vampire Effect, but not the other one. I'll add it now.

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A Tale of Two Sisters(2003)Abut two teenage sisters abused by stepmother,whos house is plagued with paranormal occurrnces. Great plot twists.Intense.(Korea) -   Arang(2006)  Takes place in a salt storage facility,that is haunted.(South Korea)                                          

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