what would u say to death

what would u say to death

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C'mon what would be your last words

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"That robe, really doesn't flatter your figure."

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Que'? No hablo ingles, senor.  Juan?  No...me llamo Paco...Juan no viva aqui. Lo siento. Adios y hasta la vista Senor Muerte.

How about a little tongue.jpg

Tranquilo todas!

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"You're a persistant little guy, aren't you?"

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"You just now got my invite!?"

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Not now! Go away

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"Awww, C'mon Man!!! It's my turn again? You said I could take a 500 year break this time!!!"

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Your best was'nt good enough in 87 what makes ya think you can do better now.....if that does'nt work kiss my flat white ass..I ain't ready yet..(it don't know it but I ain't leaving till my youngest grandson gives me a great grandson)

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I would say give me your sickle and a bottle of jack, I'm bored 


You want fries with that ?

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tag! you're it!


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