Conquering FEAR (big letters)

Conquering FEAR (big letters)

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I have a few list below in conquering my own fear.

- Face them as soon as possible
- Not rely so much on specialists but Do It Yourself Methods

How about YOU? How do you conquer your fears? 


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im a big do0d. not afraid of a hole lot, but i do happen to fear the dark. ive seen some crazy shit. everytime i start to fear it, i fight it strait down the middle. i dont waste time i face it and walk right threough it. the fear is never gone for good, its a game of hide and seek its hidden for a while but eventually this fear will find its way back to you. may take a day may take a year. nothing is really gone forever.

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I once took a job doing security and had to go to an old old warehouse for my first 3 nights. When I arrived I was told that there was no electricity in the building and that I would only have a flashlight to see. Well, no one told me I needed a flashlight so the guy loaned me an old one.


This warehouse.....I should call it a SCAREHOUSE was seven stories of long, long old rooms. We are talking old creaking floors. I had to unlock and lock myself in on every floor and was supposed to do constant tours throughout the night.


Well, halfway through my FIRST patrol on the very top floor the flashlight went dead-right in the very center of the warehouse and the world turned black! I had to find my way across the way, find the key, the key hole unlock it and then go down seven flights of stairs to the ground floor.

EVERY SINGLE HORROR MOVIE I EVER SAW CAME BACK TO MY MIND!!! Needless to say I left the property and spent the rest of the shift outside. It was creepy hearing boxes fall in rooms that were perfectly empty. Spooky.


How did I deal with my fear? I left the place and the next night I had a great big flashlight.


That works, lol ! Next time, make sure you have a pocket light for emergencies like the BIG light going out, lol.

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Confront the right away.

and never give up when facing a fear

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It's tough. I'm afraid of not being able to do something. I'm very self concious, so I feel like everyone is looking at me waiting for me to fuck up.

Especially at my new job with new people around. I've gone from the manager that tells everyone what to do, to a small fish in a big pond, and it scares me a little that I'll fuck something up.

I'm older than almost everyone there, and I get teased some for that. But , I bust my ass, so I get respect in that area. But, it always eats at me that, come the sale days or Christmas, can I hang with the younger fellas.

I wish every day that I had my old job back. But, that won't happen. So, I have to suck it up and go on.This place is all young folks, and even though I work circles around most of them, I don't feel like I fit.

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exposure therapy.  i have diagnosis's so i know a lot about that.

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i feel that you should face them head on for instance, i was deathly afraid of dogs most of my life, so a few years ago i started working at a dog kennel and i got over my fear, i have been working with dogs now for about 8 years and i absolutely love it.

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Faith, my life is not my own but only what God choses to do with it if I can glorify him in death I'm all the more blessed so what reason can I have to fear?

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great answer!


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