hi need a little help

hi need a little help

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i have not been on in a while.need a little help remember how to get to  chat

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I don't remember either, so if you find out be sure let me know, okay?

Thanks! :-D


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i dont know to chat on here but alot of us from here go to THEATER OF HORROR ...YOU CAN CHAT THERE

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it will take me a little while i guess.i'll go there look 4 me

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just leave message here like ur doing or post a blog. also u can leave a message on someones profile page. it will take a few mins for a response if that person is online.

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We've told everybody here about a killer horror site with great graphics, cool profiles, groups galore, videos, pics, music playlist,and a real time chat room....It's a 21st century version of fearnet....Only better...


All you gotta do is sign up....You'll be approved in no time flat, and hanging out with most of the horror freaks that frequented fearnet on a daily basis, and still do....What do ya got to lose? It's free, it's cool, and we're waiting on you....

Stay scary my friends-zigzag

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sssssshhhhhhhhh!!! zz we might get the telemarketers!

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