August Underground anyone??

August Underground anyone??

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Has anyone seen these movies and enjoyed them like myself, or just too demented and messed up for your taste. Takes a strong stomach to sit through just one of them let alone all 3.

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Haven't heard of these.  What's the deal?  What types of movies are they?




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Go to ToeTag and check them out. Very low quality movies but considered to be the sickest movies ever made and I tend to agree. Just a couple of guys that film themselves torturing people in their basement. Made my stomach turn on a couple occasions and it really takes a lot to do that. I bought them right from the website after a buddy of mine told me about them. If you don't like torture films, then you def won't like them.

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also go to you tube and check out the trailers

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I watched em when I was on a spree of watching any and every fucked up movie I could gind, including FoFaB, Salo, and tumbling doll of flesh, but the August Underground movies were just terrible. Not in a disguisting way, in the sense that they are just awful. To each his own, but watching the AU was probably the biggest waste of my time ever.

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the problem these movies have are that they don't know when to change scenes. for example, in mordem, in the puke scene, how long do they have to show this girl puking on the other 2 girls?? it went on for like 20 minutes! i get it already. but the shear disgusting nature of the films should get seen by every horror fan atleast once

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still havent had the privilege or misprivilege i guess you could say to have seen any of the films on the series. am patiently waiting though. however one along those lines in a little flick called "slaughtered vomit dolls" i purchased it from the company themselves and kept in really good contact with the director and producer for some time.

however, after finding out about august underground, my thoughts on "svd" have been marred by terrible replies and responses from people that have dealt with the folks that did "svd"

normally i dont like to let this kind of stuff interefere with my thoughts on a movie, but,,,,,,,,,

back to the point, im glad i found some info on august underground before i purchased it. thanks for the info on it.

theres just something about the fact of it being absolutely disgusting that is still peaking the curiousityLaughing

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almost every site i looked up had August Underground Mordum (the 2nd film in the series) THE most fucked up disgusting movie ever made. and i have to agree. the scene where the guy was literally fucking the guts of the woman that had her belly sliced open....when have you ever seen that?!? some people say they have seen much worse, so i make an effort to watch these "worse" movies. such as Snuff 102. almost impossible to find in this country. I happened to find it on Pirate Bay and downloaded it. My buddy and I watched it and let me tell ya, didn't even come close. The eyeball scene was really good but that was about it. and if you saw the movie, you know what im talkin about. As i said before, it is worth at least a once over, but thats about it.

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No worse than irreversible

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yes! it not worth you time to find snuff 102

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its really not, it took me forever to find snuff 102. i was very disappointed because i heard good things. i just wish i could watch one underground horror flick that actually lives up to the hype. Mordum comes pretty damn close though..


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