Now Hiring Customer Service Reps to schedule appts and set up online accounts from your home. Full o

Now Hiring Customer Service Reps to schedule appts and set up online accounts from your home. Full o

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Now Hiring Customer Service Reps to schedule appts and set up online accounts from your home. Full or Part time, we offer weekly pay, no benefits, flexible scheduling, days, nights, weekends...Visit   for more information.

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Whether this is legitimate or not, I'm not going to speculate on.  I will say that it was poor judgment on Stacy's part to try and solicit people on a horror site where alot of aggressive nut jobs hang out.  And it only takes one person to reverse look up that phone number, and you potentially could have a bad judgment call turn into a bad situation.  I want to say and state very clearly that I wish no harm to Stacy or to Jason Barron at 6920 Beaver Rd, Kannapolis, NC 28081.  But whether good intentions or not, This was not a good choice, and whatever the sitation may be, I would like to say, she should have a little better judgment.  Unless this is an ex boyfriend or someone who did her wrong, and she is trying to get someone to show up at Jason's house with a machete and a hockey mask.  Then I would say kudos Stacy and you should fit right in here at the house of the aggressive nut jobs called Fearnet!

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OMFG!!!!! That is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm gatherin' an army right now with sporks and other plastic utensils for a lynchin' right now!!! Who wants to sign up?!?!?!?Tongue out



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Maybe we could hook up Jared and Stacy. Jared probably got fired. What is Jared doing this weekend?

Stacy...if you read this welcome to the FearClinic "Love Connection. Cost you say? Nothing....all you do is MAKE money. NO RISK. If you're not happy with Jared, just hook up with with the Burger "King."

Call TODAY...1-800-JARED



Oops. Wrong guy...Sorry Ted. Unless you "like" telemarketers?




burger-king-guitar-1.jpgTake your Pick Stacy!


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Lmfao zz , Jp, k iommi, me will start wiht the name calling cuz im oh so eloquent  fuck u bitch this is a horror site we will track ur stupid  plus sized ass down and shove 15 puters up ur wide ass cunt get the fuk outta here   glad to get some support every once and awhile yall thanks  awh shit yall know i love this lmfao


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A chain is only as strong as its weakest link bro....And you know I gotta do my part....My 3 favorite pastimes are horror, baseball, and talking crazy to stupid people....Outside and just to the left of drinkin, fuckin, and fightin.....

Speakin of that, here's a dumbass joke for yall.....A friend of mine moves out to the country....His neighbor comes over and invites him to a party he's having at his house later on that evening...My friend says," sounds good, what yall gonna be doin?" His neighbor says,"Oh, a little drinkin, little fighting, little fuckin..." My friend says,"That sounds like my kind of party, who all's gonna be there?" His neighbor says," Just you and me..."

Stay scary my friends-zz

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Ba dum bum! Tongue out



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