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Some people will eat anything..kinda reminicent of the The Blob cept..they ate it instead of jambing a stick into it...if I remember right it was some parasite know I won't watch comedies..but this was a leg slapper for me...b-grade Horror/Comedy at it's best..I haven't thought about this little puppy for a long time..if ya get a chance to see's worth a watch even if just for the giggles of it....great topic...Peace..Joe

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That karate black dude was quite awesome, but that kid who hid in the tanker was quite stoopid. But I gotta tell ya, if I see a white creamy substance oozing out of the ground i'm not so sure I would have eatin it in the first place, maybe that's just me.

Great flick though.

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this movie was so bad yet i cant stop watching it.

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Definately one of the cheesiest horror movies i've ever seen in my life, but it was still bad ass. Good movie to watch when you're stoned, then it's funny as hell.

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Don't make me show my work. If you liked this, check out Street Trash.thumbnailCAV10V7V.jpg

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Seen it loved it think I have it on VHS somewhere!

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I've been thinking about this movie a lot lately.  Glad other people remember it fondly as well.  Was there ever a Stuff 2?

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there was no stuff 2, i was so buzzed when i got this movie out , going back some 20 years, fucking hell 20 years i am getting old!!!!

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  what is it ? I don't know but it taste delicious !LOL   I'm surprised someone is not trying to remake this . But damn this is classic 80s

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