This Movie Just Pissed Me Off!!!!

This Movie Just Pissed Me Off!!!!

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I've been reading a lot of type and have seen some pictures from Cannibal Holocaust..I watched it for the first time today..This didn't disrtub me in a Horror sense or because it's to graphic..I've butchered animals on the farm and cut throats to finish off a wounded animal before..nope that didn't bother me  or the thought of little people running around catching other little people and eating them..thats there culture..there way of life..That picture that everybody so prodly shows off of the Girl who has been impaled on that pole and says looky any of you who have been showing that picture know why she's there..Well i'm gonna dam well tell ya.if anybody ever comes into my home and shoots my pig..being thats what I got to feed my family..sets fire to my home..shoots one of my family members..and if you even have the balls enough and 3 of you are adult men ..rape my little girl..that being the reason the girl was impaled because 3 low life adult males raped her and the culture she is from prize virtue of their little girls as a top priority..maybe your little girls and women in your life don't have a real meaning to you..mine sure the hell do to me and my culture...I have never wanted 4 people to be killed as much as I did during this movie before..and i'll be dammed..I got my way..the 4 got themslves killed and ate..What really gets me is that was banned in a lot of country's..and not because of the rape or the little animals been killed live..but I know and I think you was because the civilized people got killed and ate so brutaly..this movie pisses me off..well to each their own..and i'm never watching this piece of shit again..had to take a blood pressure pill after and type pressure has gone down now..thanks for reading and letting me cuss this movie.....Joe

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Cuss away Joe! I've never seen the movie, but I heard it was kind of harsh. Thanks for your candid review of the film!Wink Your opinion is always appreciated!

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well joe, if it means anything to you, i've seen it and it don't mean shit to me. don't really consider it a horror movie to me, just a bunch of wannabe shock value bullshit.

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I watched this movie before the animal violence really ticked me off , seeing as how it had nothing to do with the plot . ill never watch it again and all of the cannibal movies filmed around this time are the same . just letting yall know

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Ya know, if you think about it, what the heck is the point of animal torture if you don't eat animals, but people instead? I mean, if you torture the people before you eat them you could at least say you were tenderizing the meat or something....but leave the poor little animals (and big ones for that matter) alone!Yell

And that's the closest I will get to a PETA statement folks! I like steak, lmao!

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I think it was graphic.


The animal kills were real.  (If you don't work on a farm for some thats disturbing)

The wife who commits infidelity thats pretty bad.  Hell the fact that the Director, and the Producer were put on trial because they thought this movie was real also says something.  The rapes were disturbing.  The tree people got their payback.  It's a double edge sword we as a society are prone to violence, and very few can look away.  It's one of the Grand Daddy's to Hostel, and all those type of flicks. That is my opinion.


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Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door

just watching it makes you want to find the people who made it and kill them, and then kill all the actors/actresses who did the torture.

go into this film with a storng will and stomach, although it is not a horror film, it contains torture. so as i said, go into it if you want/ with a very strong will.


The movie is a less than B movie. Lke Joe, I took great offense at the rape and pillage and wanton destruction of the natives homes and families BY NEWS PEOPLE ( ! ? ) I felt GREAT when they got theirs, which they did. Had a lot of years to get over it as I saw this film long ago. It WAS originally banned HERE. The movie is ITALIAN. Thing to understand is that Italians from Europe have a twisted view of things when it relates to cinema. If you want to know how twisted watch SALO: 180 DAYS OF SODOM. Which was also banned for awhile in this country. CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST , SALO AND THE NEW MOVIE MARTYRS ARE ALIKE. I was fuming at the end of Martyrs. But in the end, you have to just fart it off cause its just a movie. Turn it off. If it was real life, all you can do is suit up and rock and roll.

In AFRICA. There are two tribes, the HUTSU and the TUTSI. The two tribes number in the millions and make up the entire nation. The one tribe was in power and started to commit GENOCIDE. The most famous incident is when a bunch of them went into an ALL GIRL CATHOLIC GRAMMER SCHOOL and murdered WITH MACHETES, HUNDREDS OF LITTLE GIRLS AND THEIR TEACHERS AND NUNS. The tribe being destroyed begged the U.N. for help. NO ONE helped UNTIL THEY WERE MASSACRING SO MANY PEOPLE THAT THE BLOOD AND DEAD BODIES WERE POLLUTING RIVERS AND LANDMASSES AND ANIMALS COULDNT DRINK BECAUSE OF THE TAINTED WATER WITH ROTTING HUMAN BODIES FLOATING LIKE ENDLESS LOG JAMS THROUGH THE NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES. The U.N. FINALLY intervened becuase of the NEW RELIGION of the ECOLOGY and GLOBAL WARMING.  Never mind that it is against every religious faith and tenet of civilized man, the ECOLOGY was threatened. So the U.N. barked and started to threaten action and the genocide stopped. The "great" bill clinton was in office. Cannibal Holocaust is just a shit movie by a leftist industry. The horror is many times worse in real life. Sorry. Tired of mans inhhumanity to man.

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I saw it as a movie, that's about it. Yeah some of it was shocking, and I get what you're saying Joe, but it was just a movie to me.

The senseless killing of the animals in the movie didn't make sense to me, and the director,  Ruggero Deodato has said that he wishes he hadn't involved animals in the film.

But, to me it was no worse than I Spit On Your Grave, where the girl is raped repeatedly and the gets revenge on her attackers. I didn't think either movie was especially good, but that both had some good shock value to them.

I bought Cannibal Holocaust on E-Bay a few years back, having never seen it. I've seen it and now it sits in the video cabinet. I haven't felt the need to watch it again, but not so much because it upset me, it just wasn't all that great.

So, yeah, that's my take.Smile

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That movie was banned for 18 years, why you say? thanks for asking. well the goverment thought the guy who made the film killed his actors to make the film(really funky stuff went on here look it up, the story is worthy for film it self) he did not kill his actors but, banned non the less. cannibal holocaust is frist and formost a movie. should be looked at as such. for what the guy was trying to do i think it was well made for what the film's base idea was, i can do with out the animal cruelty. i think five or more animals where killed, we only see a few of them on screen.  However if the guy was reading your post i think he would be happy with his self for pissing you off. Funny  SAW, hostel, and martyrs  don’t get this kind of reaction form people and they are torture films or last house on the left the old one and new one had a rape in it. cannibal holocaust is cannibal holocaust, it was made, its stucks, move on.


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I had seen this movie in the store for the longest and because it has two disc it sold for $29.99. I had refuse to pay it  and waited for the price to eventually and finallly go down to at least $21-22..I found it not to be all of that and it wasn't worth it. The animal scenes were skin were removed and them being tortured to me were pointless and they didn't have to do that . Could of use a realistic looking prop or something . Although Cannibal Holocaust was banned for so long and the producers and directors put on trial they still got away with the movie and a slap on the wrist. I still have this movie and I bought it the middle of 2007,watched once with some friends and it's been boxed and stacked. It just sits there.   That's not the kind of horror I enjoy not when it's the actuality of that extent. Throughout reading everyone's comments I agree with all.  Only oone sentence from one coment by Joe made me laugh and that's when he said he had to take a pressure pill behind it. There's alot movies that call for one of those....DEAD CRAZY


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