The Thing Remake or Revamp?

The Thing Remake or Revamp?

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About to watch J.C,s The Thing.I never thought it was a remake, just a film inspired by The Thing from Outer Space much like Star Wars was inspired by Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress.

Indulge me.........?

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evidently the 50's version is less like the original treatise than the 80's one.originally a story called "who goes there?".the summary on this page sounded more like carpenter's movie than the 50's movie.interesting question!enjoyed researching it a bit.

also:IMDB has a very long faq page on the john carpenter version here:

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The original movie, directed by Howard Hawks, is my all time favorite sci-fi movie. What I always loved about it was the dialogue and the natural interaction of the actors/characters. It just pulled me into the story and made it so believeable. Because the 'carrot man' is only seen completely at the very end, it's a film of dread and personalities more than a special effects movie. I liked the jc remake or inspiration; I agree that it was closer to the short story "Who Goes There?". I read that a long time ago; it was originally in a 50's sci-fi magazine then included in a sci-fi anthology, can't recall which one anymore. But the 50's movie version, with Ken Tobey, a mainstay of a lot of 50's sci-fi films, is my fav.

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Actually, the John Carpenter version of The Thing is almost word for word John W. Campbell's "Who Goes There?".  Next to Jack Finney's "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", which also bears little resemblance to the 1956 classic or the Donald Sutherland remake, "Who Goes There?" is probably the best example of Cold War Science Fiction ever written.

I really don't think 1950's moviegoers could have handled the story in it's purest form.  Remember, they were told that "Duck and Cover" would save them in the event of a Nuclear Bomb explosion.

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I absolutely loved the John Carpenter version and would actually love to see what it would look like now that the tools to make such great visual effects are available. They did some really great stuff then and now it would just blow peoples minds. Since Hollywood cannot come up with anything new, this one should be another great test to see how they can rework a masterpiece. Oh, and yes, I do have my fingers crossed that they do not screw it up.

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If, for whatever reason, Hollywood does remake The Thing, I refuse to see it.  Because I can almost assure you that they will fuck it up.

The imagination behind the effects of JC's The Thing were astounding.  The shit that they came up with was mind-boggling, scary, and extremely memorable.

Seeing as how we're in the remake machine era now where the big studios are just banging them out like an assembly line, it'll get fucked up.  Maybe they'll have awesome CGI, I don't care, its the story that matters to me, and it'll suck.


There is NO remake being considered. John Carpenter has ALWAYS wanted to make a sequel but it didnt make money when it came out although since then it has actually won more sci fi, horror awards than any other horror movie and is considered a high ranking horror classic by AFI. Even RECENTLY he expressed desire to make a sequel and even said the final two orignal actors, Kurt Russel and Keith David are both willing to reprise. He said he could scar and burnish the faces claiming frost bite and exposure and continue the story with a rescue mission right after the first. NO GO. THERE IS A PREQUEL in the making that will take place in the NORWEGIAN CAMP. I have to agree with Metal, there is simply NO WAY THEY CAN IMPROVE ON THE ORIGINAL, just make another, maybe different movie and thats a waste. They should just move forward.


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I agree. It can't get much better than Carpenters version, so leave it alone.

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I really hope that they don't try to remake this, it is one of my all time favorite horror flicks. I agree that there is no way they could improve on this, it's better to just move on to an original because thats what makes the best movies.    

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i am a guy who really hates remakes which is why i dont mean to be the asshole here but you may want to check out this link.

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