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Christmas with Jessica: An underwater view

Well, I've just self-published a book on titled "Christmas with Jessica: An underwater view." It's Vol. 1 of a three vol. set. The frist volume has three short stories-one is a sci-fi romance, and the other two are splatter horror. I don't use the word slasher, but splatter. Here's a sample from the book's introduction:

First and foremost, this is a collection of horror stories-that grisly, splatter horror that may turn you stomach. Some of these stories may offend some people, so if you’re into that over-the-edge, blood smeared all over the wall thing, then read this. If not, don’t read this. You’re not the target audience. This book is for fans of true horror, not that “cupcake” suspense stuff you see in Hollywood nowadays.
I’ve read a few books on serial killers, talked to serial killers and rapists-yes, I’ve actually met, and talked to real-life serial killers/rapists in person-and child molesters, so a lot of this, including my own fantasies, is based on actual events.The rest of the stories I’m not going to explain, but rather let you read for yourself.
Over and over again. (This is Vol 1 of a three Vol series)

Go to There's a story titled "The Double life of Daniel Gibson", which I like; the story is real gory, and pretty disturbing. If your not a fan of true horror, than don't get this book. Buy the downloaded copy for $7. The price of the book right now is too much, considering that there are only 29 pages! I'm not trying to make any money, I'm just looking for some feedback. You can go to my page at

Here's another sample from the book:



copyright 2010

From "The double life of Daniel Gibson"

Everyone knew Daniel Gibson.

He was one of the shift managers at the local Walmart. Everyone knew Daniel Gibson. Everyone thought that he was a kind, generous man. He was one of those men that every single woman wanted. The man that every fatherless child looked up too.

The ideal role model.

Everyone knew Daniel Gibson. Everyone knew everything about Daniel Gibson.

Or so they thought.

They didn’t know about his lust for blood, or how he committed his first murder at the age at 12 by beating a 16-year-old girl to death with a rifle butt. Or how he’d buy pet rabbits, kill them, and afterwards, drink their blood.

The first dismemberment.

Daniel was only 13 at the time.

They didn’t know that three weeks prior to meeting Annie, he murdered 22-year-old Janet Taylor(he also met her on the Chatline), and stored her amputated breasts inside of his freezer. After that, he paraded the badly mutilated body through the woods, and amputated her head, and each limb.

He later bored through the decapitated skull with a Dewalt electric drill.

They didn’t know about Debbie Jones. They didn’t know about the 17 separate wounds, how he sliced off both of her breasts, or how he crushed her skull with a hammer afterwards; prior to this, a machete was forced into her vagina, causing excessive bleeding.

Nobody knew about the secret mental disease-parochial-that he was suffering from. Or how he’d masturbate inside of a corpse that he’d just disemboweled.

They didn’t know about Shelly Stiefh. They didn’t know that Daniel found her hitch-hiking, brought her home, and for three weeks, repeatedly raped her.

During those three weeks, he didn’t feed his pet pit bull; when he got tired of Shelly, he strapped a few pounds of raw meat around her and threw her in a room with the starving animal.

He stood by the door, watching, recording the entire grisly scene on his Olympus digital camera.

They didn’t know about Annie Robinson, and how he spiked the bottle of Canadian mist with arsenic. Or how the meat inside of the clam chowder was actually seasoned human tissue form a previous victim.

Poor old Annie.

When she died, he eviscerated her body, scattered the intestines, and the 6-month fetus that she was impregnated with, around the room and smeared his face with her blood.

He recorded the entire event on his ACER Gemstone webcam.

Poor old Annie.

Daniel wanted to murder a pregnant woman. To Annie, being pregnant was a serious flaw on the appearance.

No, they didn’t know about Annie either.

They knew that Daniel was a shy, quiet, loner who did whatever he could to make sure that the customers at the local Walmart were happy.

Daniel was the nice guy.

Everyone remembered his smile. His empathy.

Everyone knew Daniel Gibson.

But nobody knew about the murders.

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thats not a sales scam is it ,'I'm not trying to make any money, just trying to get some feedback!!', pull the other one, is you is thinkin i was born yesterday !!!??

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Carp right, the people who log on here are true horror heads. Please don't come here to scam us because we don't want it, the scam that is. Yell If you are a true horror head then you have excellent work my friend. But if this is bullsh** then we don't want it.

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From reading the inerts of the book i am vey mused since i am a published horror writer myself. My stories deal with demons,ghosts,and things to worry about when the lights go out. My most recent is a zombie story for all of the zombie fans out there! i am new to fear net and will soon post a post card.   signed Dead Crazy.

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Sorry, I didn't' mean to offend anyone. This is not a scam. This is actually a self-published book. I think I picked a wrong choice of words. Again I apologize, and I didn't 'mean to offend anyone. I'm a horror lover just like the rest of you!Laughing

thecarpenter666's picture

so you come in peace!!??, well ,its just we get soooooooooo many advertisers on here just making sure bud!!!laters


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I'm very sorry. You have an amazing short story going there. You are a very talented author who seems to have amazing ideas for stories. Again, I'm truley sorry for what I posted.  Embarassed

thecarpenter666's picture

forget about it, I am sure Will would think twice about fucking with someone in a Jason mask!!!lol

littleboo's picture

Your right carp. LOL. Just feel like an arse for blasting the guy like that. Embarassed All he wanted to do was show his work to the rest of us horror heads.

thecarpenter666's picture

mate ,hes cool with it ,!!!!! I cant read anyway so i aint bothered!!lol

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Don't worry about it. Let's enjoy some horror!

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