Help Me Find This Movie!

Help Me Find This Movie!

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So when I was but a wee lass, I saw a movie that I'd swear was called Mortuary, but it is obviously not that mad famous and awesome movie we all know as Mortuary about a boy who was obsessed with a girl named Kim.  Anyway, in order to obtain said Kim, he enbalmed people alive.  This movie, which I'm sure is craptastic, scared the bejesus out of me when I was little.  Does anyone have any ideas what this is or if it came out under any alternate titles or anything?

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Coulld be the European made trash movie called "The Embalmer" AKA "The Monster of Venice".


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That's too recent.  This is early eighties or late seventies.  Plus, this was made in 96, and I saw the movie before 96.  But thanks for the lead.  I appreciate it.

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hmm sounds like it would be a good movie....

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Not Mortuary with Denise Crosby? That movie fits the bill somewhat.

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Is that the one from like 1982 3 or 4? With Bill Paxton and one of the girls from the Brady Bunch?

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It wa called mortuary and it did suck

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