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There was another loud clap of thunder and several flashes of lightning revealed Kathy's head hung over in her chest.  When the force was done,her body dropped to the ground.   Chapter 2 : The rain had stopped and Kathy crawled on her elbows a few feet,hurt,moaning and feeling violated after the brutal rape. She pulled herself up into a fetal position and held both of her hands together in a prayer format between her legs allowing her arms to cover her groin area.  Eric was sitting back in a reclined wooden chair with flowered sponge pillows watching a comedy show on television.  After the television program went off,Eric looked around the room then at his watch. He rose from his chair and walked to the front door and opened t. Eric sniffed the air and exhaled,smiling after enjoying taking in the smell of the leaves and grass after the rain. "Where is she ?" Eric asked himself, again looking at his watch. He yelled from the doorway,calling Kathy's name out twice.  Kathy was able to hear Eric's calling,but could not bring herself to utter a word. She pulled her knees up closer to her body as she laid there shivering from the cool night air.  "I'm glad it stopped raining,"Eric said aloud,walking back inside to a closet.  He turned and looked back at the opened front door,hoping to see Kathy walk through it at any moment.  Eric reached up on a shelf and took down a flashlight. "Why did she go out therre without a flashlight?"Eric said aloud.  Eriic walked out to the door sill and stared out into the darkness of the woods. He pulled the front door to,leaving it slightly ajar. He walked around the immediate area,calling out Kathy's name.  After twenty minutes or so,Eric heard a sniffling noise and followed it. "Kathy? Oh,my God,Kathy,what happened?" Eric asked,picking her up and holding her close to his side.  Eric removed his shirt and put over her shoulders. "What happened? Who did this you?" Eric asked,walking her back slowly to the cottage.  Eric's shirt was long enough to cover her private area. Kathy buttoned the shirt up from the bottom up to her breasts.  "How long have you been laying there?" Eric asked. Kathy's bottom lip nervously shivered and her teeth gently clicked together as she tried to get a word out.  "Do you remember what he looked like? We have to call the police !" Eric said, escorting her inside the cottage. "The kids are asleep," Eric said,leaving her standing in the middle of the floor,hurrying off to the bathroom and grabbing a large towel.  Kathy finally uttered her first words. "Thank you," Kathy said walking to the bathroom closing the door a moment.  Eric could hear water running for a brief moment then it stopped.  Kathy walked out of the bathroom with a plush towel wrapped around her body.  "Before I call the police,let me get you a drink.  I always kept a bottle on stash.  I bring one up here everry year," Eric said,walking off to the kitchen,grabbing two glasses.  He reached inside a cabinet under the sink and took out a bottle of Jack Daniels.  He poured a small shot for himself and gave Kathy a half filled glass.  "Here we are. This should help you," Eric said handing her a drink as he picked up the telephone and dialed the police .  The line rang several times then a woman with a deep Dixie-type,southern accent picked up the line.  "Oak Haven Police Department.  How may I help you?" She asked. "Yes,I want to report a rape. We're at the Oak Haven summer camp."  "Where did this happen,sir?" she asked . "I don't know,out in the camp woods," Eric snapped. "Approximately what time did this occur?" she asked. "I don't know . 

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When you post a story here next time you should continue the chapters in the same place like you are posting a comment but other than that its still a great read

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Wow...very good. I'm kinda surprised that she'd let him call the poilce...even though shes in a kinda catotonic state...she'd sound crazy, she knows that { i hope, lol}. I love the fact that his go-to cure is alcohol! lol. Nice touch. I thought that it was odd that he was randomly calling out her name in the house...I understand doing that outside as he is looking for her...but why in the house? Was it out of antisaption type-of-thing? i did'nt see him think that he heard her or anything...idk. I really like this so far...I want to know what happens asap....

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