Whats the first horror film you've seen at a drive through

Whats the first horror film you've seen at a drive through

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What was your first drive in slasher,mystery,thriller or sci-fi film

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Ist if U remember drive-ins ur datin urself Bcause the 1st movie I saw at a drive-in was the 1st Rocky & A Bridge 2 Far,God I'm ancient.

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The first drive through movie I seen was Friday The 13. Ours was open space with a river close by. About 4 or 5 months later it closed down. Frown My introduction to horror and my first and only drive through movie.

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I don't thin North Dakots has drive throughs, I've never been to one.

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i haven't been to the drive-in movies in a VERY long time but i don't think back then i ever actually WATCHED any of the movies... lol... i can't even remember what movies i went to...ha ha ha...those were the daze...

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We had several different drive ins where I grew up.  My first scary movie I remember is "Texas Chainsaw Massacre".  My parent's kept trying to get me asleep before it started, but failed miserably.  I did'nt get to watch the whole thing, but the sound of the chainsaw and screaming  was enough for me to not watch that movie for another 30 years.

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didn't start watching horror films till after i was out of high school, but there was a double feature of a new flick "Black Christmas" and a re-release of "the Exorcist"

both rank as some of the scariest movies i have seen, even though upon a second viewing I was not personally as scared of the exorcist...have yet to see 'black christmas' again. the original, that is. (the remake was pretty bad)

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That last venture to an old fashion drive-in would probably be when I went to see the first Jurassic Park. I probably saw other movies, but that's the first one to come to mind. I loved it because we had a whole bunch of food, a comfortable spot and got to watch three movies for the price of one- give it that it was one movie done twice, but still.

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Star Wars and Smokey and the Bandit

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That one is easy. You did ask for the first slasher, mystery, thriller, sci-fi so the first of those for me was Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Still one of my favorite movies of all time. If you want to know the first movie of any kind that I remember from the drive-in it's Walking Tall (1973). Buford was my hero for a while. Even talked about naming my kid Buford for a while after that one. Glad I outgrew that.


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Ghoulies 2. We were pretty poor when I was a kid, so to avoid the dollar fifty parking fee my dad would park in the Wal-Mart lot behind the screen of the drive in and tune his radio to a frequency that barely picked up the audio. As a result, all of the action on screen was backwards. A few months latter I had saved the dollar fifty in order to actually get in and had a midnight screening of 976-EVIL. I think it was proceded by Navy Seals.thumbnailCA8PVHP8.jpg


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