Trying to remember a movie. Please help!

Trying to remember a movie. Please help!

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I saw a part of this movie about 5 years ago.  I could have confused the plot or filled in the mising pieces subconciously so bare with me.

It may be a feature film (i'm pretty sure it is) but it could have also been a short on a compilation featuring new asian horror directors.  I don't remember if it was Korean or Japanese or whatever but I think it was Japanese.

The story was about a young woman, early twenties, who found out that she was pregnant.  This was unplanned and maybe her boyfriend had left her.  I can't remember but the character didn't have anyone and was very lonely. She was not joyful about the pregnancy.

If I remember correctly she was seeing ghosts, you know the obvious creepy people with big eyes and hair in their face.  I don't remember if there were multiple ghosts because I can only picture one ghost who was also a young woman.  The scene I remember specifically - the woman was standing on a crowded subway platform and the ghost appeared behind her.  I also vaguely remember her seeing a ghost at a doctor's appointment.

The gist of the story was that the woman believed that the ghosts were out to kill her baby but in fact they were souls that were following her because they were waiting to be reborn.

I have been trying to track down this movie forever.  Please help!



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check out asian horror movie website, they got a shit load of ghost like freaky shit movie business on there!!!!!peace!!! would look through them for you ,but there is so fookin many!!!AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

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don't quote me on this one there are so many asain ghosty type movies..but the one your trying to remember sounds like an Asian Cult Cinema movie called Rebirth...don't know it is for a fact I have watched so many of them..rebirth  was all about ghost/spirits awaitng..reincarnation...the one I saw was all english version..well anyways good luck on the quest...Peace...Joe

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the answer 'rebirth' seems correct, but i will do a quick check.believe i watched it on youtube or fearnet.not so much horror as it was sci fi in the end (much like 'the eye')good ghost story.the worst part were the lady's three attempted suicides..ouch...

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"The Eye 2 (2004)(The literal translation of both films' original title - JIAN GUI - is "Seeing Ghosts.")"

found this info on amazon. hope this helps!this is the film.

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