new years day

new years day

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Just watched the movie.....enjoyed it nice twist at the end.  Always love a good twist

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Do you mean the fearnet short. . . . . . or is there a movie some where ?

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Did watch New Years Day from 1989 where they show David Duchovny naked...hmmmmm...that is the one Cee loves the best...LMAO..oh was he really I must have missed that part...LMAO...yeah's the cover from that one.....New Years Day 1989.jpg

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Love ya guys.......didnt see new years day the movie with DD.....might be worth checking out....nakie huh? hmmmmmm

The short film here did you guys see it? Nothing like a little zombie action! I really enjoyed it.....really love the twist


AAHHH ! YES. The FEARnet short was AWESOME ! Very well done and you could NOT see that twist coming.


LMAO. . . . . NAKIE ? ?   LOL !HELLFIGHTERS SMILEYSo Buff, you are cute and girly on top of hot and sexy, lol. Too much!

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Dont let all the fluff fool you....LOL I am a girly girl!

NYD was done well.....I love a movie that sets up the viewer who knew that was going to happen.....

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Thought this one was a good watch.....enjoyed the hell out of it.

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Glorious....nuff said

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