Horns by Joe Hill

Horns by Joe Hill

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Horns is the story of a man who gets drunk one night, does awful things that he cannot remember and wakes in the morning to find horns on his head.  Now, everyone he meets tells him the worst things they ever did and ask permission to do other bad things.

Joe Hill is Stephen King's son and the little boy with the Voodoo doll in Creepshow.  He is definitely not his dad.  That is not a bad thing.  He is clever, not subtle like his father can be and more graphic.

I think the book is a good read, well plotted and fun at times.  I saw that the film rights have already been sold.  I hope it translates well.

Did anyone read this, or his first novel Heart Shaped Box (which I have not read yet)?

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Both Heart Shaped Box and Horns are excellent novels.  I think Joe Hill has a great career ahead of him.

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I found Heart Shaped Box to be kinda boring....the story just led you around to multiple dead ends.

When you thought something was going to happen, the fused was snuffed out. However, I will give Horns a go because it looks to be an original idea.

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Cesare, thanks for the review. I haven't read anything by Hill but Horns sounds interesting enough for me to add to my library list.

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I've read 20th Century Ghosts, a collection of short stories by Hill. Most of them were good and well written. I'll give Horns a look. Thanks


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Horns is very good, not conventional horror. But, you can tell he's Kings kid. Good book.

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