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Trembling fingers, electric to the sensation of my ambition,

Drowning in my their essence, a filthy poison they drink each evening,

They beg, but I find no reason to quit. Why should I when the taste is so sweet?

Their nectar is like no other, a wine of guilty pleasure that I endure like an orgasm,

My eyes, lost in the stoic, dull glance, never phase from their sorrow, rather grasp their pity to fortify who I am.

I am neither man or beast, but something inbetween, a perfected holocaust to the sanity of everyone’s nightmares; however, they aren’t nightmares but reality in the presence of nightmare’s wish,

Scream for me that serenade of dread. I cling to it like a broken promise seen in lover’s shattered eyes,

It’s not a scream, rather a symphony of what they should hear, those seeking the skeptical verse from torn away eyes. This is not fiction, rather a snuff of what you fear most....your own delusional downfall,

I’m a shadow in your darkness; a glance in your window; a footstep moving nonchalantly to break the foundation of security,

Do not fear me, for my attack will be swift and just. I rather not bring noise to myself...

The Harvester of Souls......

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I dig it. I liked that alot. I read it several times, as i do with most poetry, yet with urs I had to read it tenderly, there was so much put into so little. I love that fact of desciptiveness. I'm the same way. I really loved that poem. My take on it was one of a vampireic persective and/or murder persective....or/yet did u use that as a metorphor? Maybe for an addiction, addicted personally? {OR am I totally looking way to in depth? That's also a flaw of mine...I tend to look way to deeply into things. My other flaw is mis-spelling all-of-the-time!!!} I really do love your work! I just seen that a piece was taken off. *makes sad face* lol. Yet, I do understand, as a fellow writer, at hateing your work after the fact...or during the fact...lol. It does get hard. lol. Well, I cannot wait until u continue ur lastest piece, again, nothingmore than brillance my friend. Peace, love and vicodin!

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Thanks, and it is about a man that thinks he is a god and that he can take the souls of mortals through his vicious acts.

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