anyone ever see creepshow?

anyone ever see creepshow?

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just saw it last night, i thought it was great. stephen king plays a good retard.

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yeah loved it mate!!!


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yeah loved it mate!!!


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Hell yeah I saw it. I saw it when it came out at the movies in '83 or '83. One of my favorites. I have a theartrical movie poster and a copy of the comic book from the movie in my thearter room.


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Yea saw creepshow 2 too

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HELL YEAH!!! That movie was the BOMB. I loved it. If you can find that movie I think its a must have for your horror collection.

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Ohh yeah Creepshow is awesome! are they remaking Creepshow? lol all these remakes are crazy lol


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Love that movie! Truley one of the best horror films in the genre.

It has a blend of horror and slap-stick that only Stephen King can create.

My personal favorite has to be the short featuring Leslie Nelson killing Ted Danson neck deep in sea water.

Water Zombies!!!

Really? A remake? Undecided

Just shit in my bowl and call it chocolate ice-cream will youYell


SDZ...i know! that sounds gross. \\m^0^m//

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Hellz yea i am all about some creepshow. i definately think the second one was the best with the blob tar monster thing in the lake. that was the shit. And yea i agree, stephen kind does make a great retard lol


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no .... never .....EVER!  Sounds like a comic magazine rip off!!?... and which one do you mean? ....Tongue out


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Yep.  Seen it.  A great classic horror movie even in modern times when horror is lacking.  I saw the second one too. 

Definately that pond blob was pretty scary.  You know they found some organic shit like that in Alaska but it wasn't eating people.  Next thing you know, nobody heard anymore about it in the news.

Stephen King does play a good retard.  I bet he didn't know at the time that he'd almost permanently become one (after being hit by two drunk drivers in real life).



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