Where do people go when they die?

Where do people go when they die?

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I don't have any children but one day when I get it all together I would like some.  Thinking about this makes me wonder what I would say to a little-one if they liked the same show's / movies as I do, but are confused by the subject matter.

For instance what if your kid watched Ghost Hunters or Tales From The Crypt and asked you: "Why do people die" and / or "Where do people go when they die?" What would you say? How does a person even begin to answer that question for someone who still believes in Santa or The Easter Bunny?

I liked scary stuff ever since I could remember, but never asked the question as I was sure I'd be lied to by my parents.  Till this day, I still wonder about those two questions but I think that all boils down to a matter of what a persons beliefs are, regarding the subject.

Any thoughts?

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In the ground, or an ashtray, you're choice.

Just kidding, but seriously I am agnostic, however I feel when we die our energy has to go somewhere, I just don't know where. I guess we will find out one day..., when we're dead.

I think of that often too.


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There is not real definition of where we go, but there are various ideas of where we go, such as one's beliefs. I seriously can't elaborate on that because everyone's views are different.

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