What is the WORST horror movie you've ever seen?

What is the WORST horror movie you've ever seen?

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For me it was 'Childern of the Dead' until now. I have found a new horrible horror. For me it set a record low for bad horror movies I've ever seen. It is 'Andre the Butcher' with Ron Jeremy. This movie was so bad I stopped the video.

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At the moment I will say "ARE YOU SCARE 2"...Total garbage! Not worth the disc it's recorded on. Sholud melt every copy of them.

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Cannible Hollocoust, worst movie perioud

Seed of Chucky

Friday the 13th remake


Hostle 1, 2

All the Saws

Deep Blue Sea

Snakes on a Plane, even though the qutation from Samual L. Jackson is awsome "I'm sick of these mother fucking snakes on this mother fucking plane"

King Kong 70's remake

U'mmm can't think of more at the moment.

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Pretty much all the remade serial killer movies. "Horror" Ain't called Horror for nothin'. It's meant to be scary, Not funny as hell. They've all become so predictable.

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Zombie Man,

You didn't like Hostel or Saw??

do tell  Wink

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Anybody answer "Wolf Creek" yet? I love everything horror that runs full budget to "made with pocket-change," but that piece of dreck was absolutely abysmal.

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ill have to agree paranormal activity was craptastic...the festival version seemed a bit more realistic though...


anyone seen paranormal entity??

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Hmmmm let me think.....gosh this is hard what movie will I Pick????

this is gonna be hard.......

awww fuck it I am gonna say.......uuuuhhhhhhhh

HOUSE OF THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Cannibal Holocaust??? Really? That movie is fucking great! I love low budget films. The list of "worst" movies could really go on forever, due to the sheer volume of VHS tapes released in the eighties. For every ten shitty ones there was maybe one great one. And there were probably a hundred released every day.

  If you ask me the worst ones always have the name Jerry Brukhiemer[sp?] attached to them. I hate most of the big budget, "bigger is always better" remakes that have been popping up over the last ten years or so. At least "Megashark" and the like know what they are. You can't just throw a billion dollars at something...explosions, people flying through the air etc...and make it good. A good horror film has to have something that Mr. Bruckhiemer can't buy...soul.



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I actually liked the Friday 13th remake, but I can see where other people wouldn't.  However, I am of the opinion that Micheal Bay needs to put in prison for a long time for even touching a movie camera.

Hmmm...worst one I've seen.  This one is a bit of a list.

Rob Zombie's Halloween 2:  Now, I actually really liked the first one.  This one was god-awful.  Cynically made, horribly written, bad concept.  Now, before anyone tries to tell me what the movie was about, I know what it was about dammit.  In Zombie's world, the Myers evil is apparently something that's genetic and needs to be cultivated by hallucinations of dead family members.  Give me a fucking break!

The Prey:  An extremely formulaic 80's slasher flick.  I try to give low-budget films A LOT of slack, but this one was just bad.  Fortuneately, its also not well-known.  So many pointless cutaways to animals its not even funny as well as bullshit that dragged on and on for no fucking reason other than if they had cut it, the movie would've only been 45 minutes long.  The monster was supposed to be some kind of alien, but he looked more like a reject from The Hills Have Eyes.  Connissuers of 80's horror flicks, feel free to pass this one up.

Grizzly Rage:  Part of the Man-eater series.  You had the simpliest task in the world of making a pissed off mama grizzly bear scary.  Easiest fucking thing in the world.  They're already scary, yes?  They failed.  Somehow, they couldn't quite pull it off.  Argh!!


ANACONDA 3. Someone obviously LOVED the see the beautiful heroine running so she is constantly jogging around the woods. Pretty asinine movie.


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