Horror Hosts

Horror Hosts

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I wanted to know if anyone had any fond memories of a local horror host when they were kids. If you had any favorite current horror hosts or if you are a horror host. I have a lot of friends in the Host comunity, several of the promanate current hosts. These guys have a lot going on -- here are a couple notable hosts that you may want to check out.




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I believe ZACHERLY is long since gone.

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Oh yeah, remember them like it was yesterday. Saturday afternoon was Sir Graves Ghastley and Saturday night was The Ghoul with his sidekick Froggy. Froggy was a little rubber puppet that the ghoul would blow up with fire crackers. Good stuff. Can't forget about the Crypt Keeper. he was my favorite.


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Though he's no longer on Television (not to mention really god damn old), Zacherly is still alive and kicking. He is in costume at the Chiller convention in New York every year.


I don't think a lot of people regard the Crypt Keeper as a horror host, but that is what he is by very definition. Even Freddy Krueger was a horror host in Freddy's Nightmares. Rod Serling is a Horror Host on The Twilight Zone and so on. Heck even Uncle Creepy and Cousin Eerie are Horror hosts in the old CREEPY and EERIE comics...


Creepy and Eerie were the VERY BEST in horror illustrations, stories and entertainment. Those guys were simply GREAT ! Im sure the CRYPTKEEPER was modeled after UNCLE CREEPY himself.

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I agree! While I love the art in both magazinges I prefer the stories in CREEPY.

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The late, lamented, Bob Wilkins, host of CREATURE FEATURE on KTVU...the trademark cigar and dry wit...he is greatly missed...

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Elvira or Rhonda from up all night......

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Many moons ago, we had this "Count" guy, I forget his name..., that would host scary movie nights for the week before Halloween on one of the local Detroit stations. They would show 2 movies every night. If I remember correctly, this was when I first saw the original Halloween when I was about 8 or 9 years old!!

Ahh memories... I completely forgot about those days! Fun topic!!!!

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Sammy Terry!!!!

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Joe Bob Biggs from Monster Vision. That was a long time ago


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