Holy shit, Flight of the Living Dead - Outbreak on a Plane is awesome!

Holy shit, Flight of the Living Dead - Outbreak on a Plane is awesome!

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If you're buzzed!  Okay, first of all, they worked not one but two puns into the title.  That is awesome, usually only porn flicks can pull that off.   Oh, wait, "porn" - "pull off"!  Ha!  Awesome!  Anyway, there's some sleazy scientists, some hot stewardesses - shit, sorry ladies, I meant flight attendants.  But, and I've definitely saved the best for last... there's Tucker Smallwood in uniform.  Wait, I don't think you heard me - TUCKER EFFIN' SMALLWOOD.  As a military dude.  That's kind of like John Goodman as a genial fat guy, the shit just fits.  I think Tucker Smallwood should've been our first president of color, he simply fucking exudes cool, calculated leadership when the shit hits the fan, the fan-hitting shit in this case being a 747 full of contagious zombies.  Hoorah.

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Hey! I bought this one because the title was soooo bad! I have a LOT of "...Of The Dead" movies, and thought this is just another of those! Everything you said is what makes this movie good! I was pleasantly surprised! It IS better than the title! I reallly like 'Bad' zombie movies, this one is one of the better ones! I recommend it!        Later!           Kaboom

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I rather enjoyed this movie. The best part was that badass song they played during it. Good stuff all around.

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def. a surprise. i never thought this movie would be so good. evrything from plot to speacial effects. i give four for gore.

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