Fav. Fulci Movies

Fav. Fulci Movies

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Now, I know I've seen some of these.  Probably saw most without knowing who the director really was.  Does anybody have a favorite Fulci movie?  If so, I'd probably want to check those out.

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For me, the BEST Fulci movie is ZOMBIE 2. The music is the CREEPIEST MUSIC EVER. The movie is pretty good. Got to ignore the nice pink feet on the underwater dead guy but other than that a thoroughly enjoyable moody movie with cool ZBs.HELLFIGHTERS SMILEY

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I like all of Fulci's movies..it the b-grade lover in me..but the City of the Dead will probly always be my favorite..just rewatched it..I'd forgotten how much I do like it..grindhouse_guru had a post about it and it just made me want to see it  again..and I'm not disappointed I saw it...


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