Friday the 13th (Actual Story) Introduction Two

Friday the 13th (Actual Story) Introduction Two

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As you may very well know, I am creating a Friday the 13th fanstory, and I would like to know which introduction you like better : One or Two.


Friday the 13th

Every year Crystal Lake Campgrounds opens on the last two weeks of the season summer for adolescents that need a release from parents and school to be a normal kid. This is its 30th annual opening and the turn out seems to be promising. Fifties style, chrome lined automobiles pass through a wooden arch way reading “ Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake” in crude letters, as if a child had wrote it themselves. They park just outside of the main camping area, which consists of five cabins surrounding a large cabin sitting beyond an open fit pit with various wooden logs around it. Beyond the campground is a large lake which gave the camp it’s name, Crystal Lake; it connects through the campground through a long dock and boat house. A crowd of parents and children start gathering around the fire pit, greeted by young camp counselors volunteering for the two weeks; among them is an older, stout gentleman with balding hair and wrinkles bending around his eyes, nose and mouth. His name is Head Counselor Jacob Christy, the inherited owner and head counselor of the establishment. He’s always liked children, creating this campgrounds to ensure that the innocence will still there until they grow up.

He stands behind a rail lining the entrance area of the main cabin, waving to the crowd before him with hearty smile that hopefully would give these a sense of grandfatherly warmth. He walks over to a nearby wooden staircase and stands at the top of it, holding his hands in the air to quiet the roar of the crowd.

“ If I may I would like to say something before the camp officially begins. I see we have a decent turn out this year and that makes me believe that this dream was well worth the blood, sweat and tears. I built this social adolescent establishment in hopes of future friendships and the idea of harmless innocence that we seem to forget in our later years. I would like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Without you, this dream would be nothing more than wood and stone. Thank you,” he profoundly preaches with a continuous smile, lowering is hands and giving a gracious nod. A hearty clap of synchronized hands feel the air at his simple, yet heartfelt speech and the summer camp is officially open. He walks over to the entrance of the main cabin and sees an attractive woman spill from the wooden double doors, holding her swollen eight month pregnant stomach . She has youthful, yet stressed out features that compliment her thirty years beautifully- from a small, oval shaped face with a set of soft, soothing eyes, a small, pointed nose and thin lips, to shoulder length brown hair that falls perfectly over her body like smooth chocolate; however, she isn’t perfect with some wrinkles around her eyes and mouth, a sign that this child is taking a toll on her. She leans on the exterior wall with a deep pain shifting throughout her stomach, the movements of a child ready to come out of her, but it would hopefully wait for another month. Counselor Christy gives her a warm smile, as if to tell her that it will eventually be alright, even though she would disagree and change the pain with him any day.

“ Eh, what’s there to smile about? I have a child kicking the living hell out of me and I can’t do anything about it,” she sternly says with a shake of her head, sweat beading at her forehead.

“ Regardless of what is occurring in your body, you should be happy that you’re about to be a mother, Pamela. I know it’s rough, but it will come together when he or she is born. All that pain will seem pointless when you stare upon that beautiful face and realize that you have a child,” he says with a beautiful reassurance, walking over to her and patting her on the shoulder gently. She supposed he’s right, a child is a very beautiful thing, give or take the pain you feel before they’re born. The pain will be nothing more than a slight giggle when this is all said and done. For some strange reason, that made her feel slightly better, because she’s always wanted a child of her own, preferably a son.

“ Yeah, I know. I realize that this is just the sacrifice someone has to go through to get something so precious and beautiful. I may act reckless with this at the moment, but when this is all said an down, I would probably have another one. I’m one of those people that want a few kids,” she says through a held in painful breath, nodding in agreement toward Counselor Christy. He gives her a simple laugh before heading into the building to start the official camp day. She decides to walk the pain off, slipping down the stairs and going over to the Crystal Lake, where she leans against a strong oak and stares out across the calm waters with a slight smile on her face.

She realizes that her world will change to something more protective and overbearing; an eventual loss of mind to appease a crying child or help them through harden times when they get older. But it wouldn’t matter because someone would need her, unlike other things happening in her life. The need of someone can out grow the pain they endure to try and fulfill those needs; no matter the cost, this child will know that someone will be there for them. She looks down at her belly as he shifts with various little bumps here and there, smirking at the curious nature of her child. Then, with a hard sigh, she looks up and around her surroundings, wishing that this was not the habitat to bare a child, but it would have to do until something comes up. She needs this job as a cook to save up for this child; children need money to thrive and grow up to something stable and healthy. Who knows? Maybe having a child in this environment wouldn’t be so bad? It’s kid friendly and they would have eventual friends. It would be more comfortable than some city setting, where the influences are sinful and arrogant. This would be a definite raising ground for a mother.

She lifts up from the oak and approaches the water’s edge, kneeling down with slender fingers gently dipping into the slightly anxious waters, it felt cold to the touch, tickling her olive flesh elegantly. She couldn’t help but to giggle at this, it’s like several feathers stroking softly against her nerves like a soothing lover’s touch. Her mind runs rampant of days when she used to play in these waters with her brother, Elias. as children. Her family used to come up to these waters to sit back and relax, enjoying the tranquil quality time they seem to like at that time. They’ve always were a unit, looking out for one another, but it all changed one faithful day. It was the day her parents died abruptly and they didn’t have a clue as to what happened. That day still haunts her like an infinite nightmare that will not allow her any form of awakening. Alas, that was a horrible memory she would rather keep in the depths of her mind. If she happened to wonder on that subject to much, it would surely lead to unwanted tears of pain------

“ Come on, sis! I’ll race you to the other side!” echoes through her mind as a soft memory plays along the waters, a gentle, yet meaningful vision of when her and her brother were only mere children. They were both scrawny children with slightly big heads and wide eyes and a sense of innocent she sees in some of the children around the campgrounds. They were both in six feet of water, wadding at the top of the water with their moisten heads poking out. He gets a head start, cheating like always, racing across the water like a dolphin in the ocean, Pamela not far behind him as she lets out a squeal, catching up to him quickly. They both get to a rock out in the midst of the water, and then race back toward the land, Pamela pushing his head under water as she goes, winning the race. He splashes at her and exclaims that she cheated, which was fair because he cheated, as well.

------- that was when her brother was actually someone she could look up to, but that is but a fond memory. He used to be a kind and caring man, a person she could see going to if something bad were to happen to her or around her. He was closer to their parents than Pamela, clinging to them like a wanting child, even in his teenage years. He clung mostly to their father, putting him on a pedestal like a saint; he could do no wrong in Elias’ eyes. That eventually lead to his downfall, a slow spiral in the aftermath of their death. He took it harder than she did, crying endless tears the days after. As much as she tries to hide or deny it, she couldn’t help but to remember that day. It kept coming back like a broke record. Her mother and father had went on a trip into town to pick up a few things from the local store. Pamela and Elias decided to stay back and hang out around the house she calls home now. They were both in the living room doing their own little things. Pamela was reading a book while Elias laid on the floor drawing, content with their current situation. Vibrant orange streaks pass through the living room window onto the two curious children, an indication that dusk was slowly coming over the Camp Crystal Lake region, dying behind a tall tree line--

During her descent into that bad memory, Pamela is approached by another individual, walking up next to in revelation of Counselor Christy. He smiles at her with a sigh, the type of sigh that meant he didn’t want to bother her, but needed her help. She looks to him curiously, cocking a brow at this middle-aged man.

“ I need to advice on something, alright? I want you to be honest, because that’s very important to what I have to say. Anyway, I was wondering what your thoughts are on letting disabled children come here? I know this is something strange to ask of you, but I feel that they have a right to come to this place as much as the next kid. Plus, I don’t need angry letters from parents who want to send their disabled children to their camp. Also, it would be rude of me to deny something I love dearly, even if some of them are different. I built this place based the morals of innocence and growing up, which is done through every type of child. I might start this program in the following months, let them be what they were made to be, children. Difference shouldn’t be a sin, but a blessing in disguise. So, what do you think?” says Counselor Christy with a cocked brow, hoping one of the only people he trusts would approve, it would mean the world to him.

“ I like it. Give those children a chance to actually be normal, get away from the ignorance of society and just be a child. Actually, I love it a lot. Most wouldn’t even try to accept the children for who they were, rather treat them like an alien from outer space instead of a child. And if it goes over well, we might get even more children at our campgrounds,” praises Pamela with an agreeing nod. She liked this idea very much......

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Gave up on this story.

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