Shannen Doherty

About Mari - Kari

Mari and Kari are identical twins. They’re best friends and never apart. Mari is the liveliest girl you’ll ever meet. Kari is too. Her problem: she’s dead. From there it gets weird.

Shannen Doherty

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I think we all can agree that she is AWESOME, not to mention, I've got the equivalent to a man crush on that's what, a girl crush? She was great on Charmed, that 90210 bull, tv movies, and one of the radest shows ever, Scare Tactics. I'm pretty excited to see what she brings to fearnet. 

Any thoughts? 


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No, I'm with you Joe. I was never a fan of Shannen, never thought she was all that great looking, and all you ever hear about her is that she is a bitch to everyone. Now, I've never met her so I don't know first hand and I'm not saying she's ugly just not my thing. Laters

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i'm not a huge fan of her's either. never watched charmed or 90210 or any other movie or program she has done. but the cartoon which she does here is pretty good, still not a huge fan though.

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Seen them all and mu thoughts are fcunnie but how far can ya go with Kari killing off all her classmates or maybe that it when their all dead so is Mari Kari She does a great job with the characters


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