fearnet o0n the roku digital video player

fearnet o0n the roku digital video player

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Since 2010 is here and TV  makers and Blu-Ray makers plan to release more TVs and Players with streaming built in. Also the Boxee Box & PopBox are coming to compete with the Roku Digital Video Player.


So who wants to see FEARnet pop up on more streaming devices? Why be chained to our desktops or have to hook our PCs to our TVs. For those who can.


I would love this. The Roku Digital Video player which started streaming video in your living room was orginally called the Roku Netflix player and helped Netflix Instant get in living rooms.


Now it's been renamed the Roku Digital Video Player (which has streaming radio too) and offers a free channel shop and allows anyone to delvelop a channel for there box free. Here is the channels currently offered: http://www.roku.com/roku-channel-store


If you are interested in making a channel for the box or know of another company you want to tell them about it, then check it out: http://www.roku.com/developer

Roku also allows private channels to be created. These are channels that go against the channel shop approval. Like for porn which for these channels you just get a code to add the channel.

So again anyone can make a channel for the box.


Also the forums are pretty active and helpful: http://forums.roku.com

Check the Roku Digital Video Player General Discussion or Developer Forum (SDK) on the message boards.

Why Roku? Well for one it has the largest user base of owners as it helped Netflix expand there streaming.


But I don't want it on just one thing. I want to see FEARnet expand on all the streaming boxes, TVs, Blu-Ray players. What about you?


Heck even consoles. All 3 consoles now play Netflix Instant.


So please express your opinions on this. Maybe if we get enough requests they will pursue this?

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 Just bought the Roku and would love to watch Fearnet from my TV. Someone make this happen.


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My Roku would be complete, if I could get Fearnet on it.  I have tried to get the local cable (Suddenlink) to add Fearnet, but to no avail.  Since I have been using Roku, I have not used my local cable to watch any shows.  Fearnet, please consider streaming on Roku.Laughing


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Anyone heard anything about this? I would love to see a fearnet roku channel, even if they only had the free stuff they have here online

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