what is something really stupid that youre afraid of?

what is something really stupid that youre afraid of?

balls_of_poop's picture

snakes for me. i know it seems lame but i guess i dont trust something with no arms that doesnt blink.

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xkillmeslowlyx's picture

well im scared of the dark and clowns.. no bueno lol

ilovealanmooresbeard's picture

mayonnaise..and places close to the equator...because there is a lot more flora and fauna that can kill you there..

mdescoteaux's picture

Circles... I really, really hate... circles... They don't make any sense whatsoever to me and I HATE them.

CrypticVamp's picture

im afraid of hights, and my girl friend makes fun of me or it mainly because im 6'1

calebbotts's picture

Well rather Alien than Rosemary's baby where the belly goes down....

twistedstoryteller123's picture

A very dark room and my overactive imagination, lol

soulessash's picture

people sleeping next to me, if they start screaming and are asleep. i'll freak out and think there is someone butchering them or something, and then scream myself

ManicRaider's picture

I have normal fears.

teresaonline2010's picture

Vantriliguest dolls!!! ( not sure of the spelling)  but dam it I hate those things ever since I saw the "Twilight Zone" yeeears ago when I was a kid I always remembered that ugly "doll" it's the eyes they look like they follow you!!!

airheadxo's picture

I'm scared of too many things to count, lol.

The dark, tall building, monsters and boogeymen (they exist in my mind, like I'm a child lol), the ocean, and fireworks.

Some from the top of my head.


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