Perhaps a DVD

About Mari - Kari

Mari and Kari are identical twins. They’re best friends and never apart. Mari is the liveliest girl you’ll ever meet. Kari is too. Her problem: she’s dead. From there it gets weird.

Perhaps a DVD

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As has been seen with other wonderful webisodes to be found, I wonder if there will be a dvd release of the first 8 episodes with extras. At the very least, it'd give a chance to maybe throw in some back story to Kari's demise as well how Larry came to be so demonic. But of course, this is just a fan rambling on. Just a thought. Laughing

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I think that is a really good idea...but that includes every episode from all the seasons with all the extras, right? I am also a big fan of Mari-Kari...I saw every episode the day it came out.Smile


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No, not a stand alone DVD. There's not enough content for one. Unless it'll just be $1.99. Why not bundle it with some other FEARnet original series/movie on DVD?


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Thank you for the suggestions. Mari-Kari future is in teh TBD files.


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