What would you trade for a bottle of gin?

What would you trade for a bottle of gin?

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If this was the end of the world and there were no stores left, what would you trade to get the last bottle of gin? 

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To BriarRabbit

This is true.. lol :p  last bout as long as money does.. which isnt long

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Hmm lots of whiskey drinkers eh?? But for me its gotta be either Barcardi, E&J XO, Henn Dog, or Absolute Vodka. Ok Ok maybe even an expensive Chardonnay lol. I would definetly trade my boyfriend for that! YAY NO MORE POPEYE QUOTESpopeye.jpgLaughing!


Gin gave me the worst hangover of my life complete with dry heaves. No more gin for me. I have gotten drunk on everything else with just the usual. Was even caught by police on the curb having a heated argument with my Harley back in the day. Nice guys. Warned the barkeep they would hold him responsible for my DE - MISE so he had them drag the bike and me into the bar. Woke up to the sound of sliding gates and there was the barkeep with coffee and mickey d's breakfast! A SAINT I tell you. Said the attraction of me, drunk, unconscious and PERFECTLY BALANCED across the length of the bike brought in more customers than ever, lol. The bros made sure no one did anything I would hunt anyone down for. LOL.


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vroom vroom


You've got a point Brother Briar. TOBACCO would be a big deal. I LOVE a CEE-GAR when the shit is hitting the fan or right after. I know cigarette smokers who would KILL if deprived.

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 No doubt, HF.We are a surly bunch when we run out of cigs, lol.

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Fuck it.  I'm about ready to toss a brick through the liquor store window and take one bottle of everything and fill the trunk with all the tobacco I can fit in there too.

Fear itselfThe Lesser Evil

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Well sister I wouldnt trade but what I will do is bring the green olives and some vermouth and some really bitchin martini glasses! Well sit chat and watch Ponty Pool then we will go hunt down some hot hunks and have them paint our toenails whore dog red! I think thats a plan!

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Sounds like a plan Buffy.  Hey wanted to ask you, have you ever tried Absintine?  I know it's spelled different and it's green and used to mess people up really bad and was outlawed for a while.  There is a legal form of it now but just wonding if it tastes like shit or what?  I don't want to buy something gross for Halloween but I'd like to try something different then the same ol same old stuff.

Supposedly the old kind came from a derivitive of wormwood (sounds nasty I know), but I do wonder if wormwood itself is toxic (?) because if not, I'm positive I could probably make an extract from it and add it to the good stuff. But would have to hop to it right away if that was the plan. 

 I may research the wormwood thing for next year to be on the safe and better financial side though (as some things with $$$ came up more recently which I'll have to tell you about).

I guess for my one day of indulgence I'll have to figure out which bottle of the same old stuff is worth waiting for, as I'm not drinking to excess much anymore.


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