Hari Kari

About Mari - Kari

Mari and Kari are identical twins. They’re best friends and never apart. Mari is the liveliest girl you’ll ever meet. Kari is too. Her problem: she’s dead. From there it gets weird.

Hari Kari

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Ok, I know this Mari Kari is supposed to be a cartoon or some shit.  But where did the phrase Hari Kari come from?  It's always been a nick name for "murder."  Any thoughts?

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It goes by another name (actually many names) sepuku. Basically when a samurai has shamed himself he "honorably" kills himself. I'm not trying to be rude but a simple Google search would have helped.


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and so suffice to say, Kari helps out her wiley and naive sister Mari in these sadistic little adventures.


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