Shattered : Poem - By Jike

Shattered : Poem - By Jike

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Shattered : Poem - By Jike

I'm broken and shattered I'm tattered and torn
Alone and forsaken, so tired and worn
My heart is so empty and so is my soul
Never intended to be so mean and cruel

Lonliness, sorrow, regret and remorse
This shall pass in time, when life runs its course
Inside i'm dying with feelings of rage
Within my mind i'm trapped, inside this cage

Like a blade of grass in a field of green
Overlooked when sought, but unique when seen
I'm hiding myself, through smiles i cast
Invisible tears, oh flowing so fast

Shattered and broken, i'm feeling inside
Voices in mind, to each other they've lied
Living alone and alone i'll have died
Broken and shattered, i've been feeling inside
~ Jike ~

Copyright 2010 © All Rights Reserved Written By Jike

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That was really good, I like your word play.

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