Steve Martin Scares The Shit Out Of Me

Steve Martin Scares The Shit Out Of Me

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Nothing was on the other day and I just changed a channel and saw some movie called "shop girl." Put it on for a second and all of a sudden, BAM there were up close shots of Steve Martin's old man turkey boobs and if I would've seen that after eating, I would've puked. Seeing a recent blog by another member reminded me of such disasterous viewings that come with misguided experience and pure accident.

I can watch all sorts of messed up movies with people getting chopped up and not even feel anything but I avoid any of that guy's movies like the plague.  I really never thought of why before until yesterday. 

I still don't know why but I think there is something entirely gross about that guy like he oozes some stink that is so grotesque that I can sense it even through a flat screen.  People like that are probably running around nudist camps with turkey boobs flopping in the wind and slime just pouring out of their slug like pink bodies. Frown  How jacked up is that?

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Sorry H.F. I did not see those other movies but tap dancing.....who is this guy, howdy doody?  Juggling, ok but only if it's with knives and firebombs and person is jumping off balconys and is named "sparky the clown."  You think you like Steve Martin, then check out his breasts and ass wrinkles sometime if you can find some pics but for the love of all things Holy, do not show them to me!!.  I'm sure there is nudie pics out there somewhere with Farrell, Martin and Devito and Adonis's they are not. I agree with you there. 

 I mean when women are showed nude in movies for the most part they are not saggy ass old ladies. This is like a duel standard of thinking.  People thought Woody Allen was funny and then he started fucking his kids too. As for any of the above mentioned guys, they probably walk around the house half naked daily, with their balls dragging to their knees and think it's funny and cute. That type of shit could make someone autistic that wasn't even born that way.

I'm sorry but I needed to vent.  I've been quiet for a long time about this old people sex shit, but seeing one shot of an old man like S. Martin with white pubes on his pasty chest, and someone thinking it was sexy, just messed my eye sight up in a major way and I am pissed. It ruined my day.  I shit you not I accidently stumbled across a movie with Cuba Gooding Jr. bopping an old lady and I can't remember what the film was called but it made me temporarily blind too.

Will Farrell, I too have noticed the whole tites and outer-wear underwear ball shots in every movie he has been in.  NO MORE SPANDEX!!!!!!!!!!  Sometimes he is funny but flashing crotch shots of a person who obviously has some sort of dick fascination is a bit weird if the movies not a porn.  He's prob. got skeletons in the closet too.  I have liked some of his movies but man, he played that Elf character a bit too well.

Still, Danny Devito flipper balls and spandex tap dancers in any realm of a movie, is a bit too much for me.  I'll stick with seeing people getting chopped up and boobs and balls getting sliced off, on good occasions.

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Pervoid!! Luv it!!!

I haven't see Steve in anything good lately. He's been making a lot of artsy films that he had written himself, like the one with Scarlett. I still like The Jerk!! There are some classic movie moments in that one!!


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Steve Martin is awesome! To quote the man himself "one wild and crazy guy." My favorite movie is Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

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*puts shirt back on*:)  Seriously though, Steve Martin is a comic genius. You guys should check out The Jerk for a laugh.

I do understand about the man boobs though. Happens to the best of em. When I get to that point, I'm going with Kramer and "The Bro".


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