Wicked Splendor

Wicked Splendor

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The city mirrors an arctic desert, snow collected into frozen windswept dunes. The dark man has ventured out once again to seek his perverse satisfaction. The harlots and whores were his playthings and it was time to play. He sticks to the alleys and sideways, not out of concern for being discovered but to hunt. There was many a meal to be had in these places and the dark man meant to have taste of them all.

Sally is a rather average looking twenty four year old college student, with a tight young body untouched by gravity. Her hair though, it instantly makes her stand out. She looks in the mirror at the long gold tinted red hair draped down over her shoulders. “Damn weather.” Sally slides her phone out of the back pocket of her jeans. "Hey. The bar is closing soon. Gonna need a way home. Yeah, the goddamn snow. Debbie disappeared on me though, I bet she did too many lemon shots again and wandered out back. I have to go find her. Call you back K? Bye." Taking one last look in the mirror to make sure all systems are go she takes a deep breath and releases “Well…I guess it’s show time.” Then Sally turns for the door.

As she screams he feels a jolt of pure delight. This filthy whore knows who she’s fucking with. She put up one hell of a fight, trying to run for safety. The dark man reaches out and grabs a handful of her long gold tinted red hair and yanks her backwards. A small laugh escapes his lips as he swings her around to soak up the look of terror on her face before he commits this dark deed. The euphoria he experiences is so pure he almost releases his grip but he maintains. The man licks his lips as he lightly caresses the girls white skin sniffing at her hair, savoring the aroma for a bit. Putting both of his gloved hands around her throat he squeezes, starting slow and firm then slowly tightening his grip. The power he wields at this moment is that of a god, and he intends to savor it. The woman’s face begins to bloat, her face turns a dark purple as her eyes bulge slightly from her head and droplets of blood seep from her bright red lips onto the snow underneath. No longer able to resist the woman goes limp. The dark man holds her for moments more and tosses her corpse on top of the other whores’ corpse like the garbage it is. Leaving this grisly scene the dark man begins whistling to himself as he begins thinking towards his next excursion to the alleys and sideways and the riches it shall bring him.

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Short and sweet. You could actually turn this into a creepy noir story along the lines of Seven or Silence of the Lambs. Good story, nonetheless.

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good story...wicked n creepy yet insanely descriptive.  i likey...but hey..whys it gotta be a red head?  :p

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She's a red head because the girl i based her on was a red head. Plus red is a primary, primal color.

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