Here's The Deal

Here's The Deal

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I'm About To Start School This Year And I Don't Read Much But If I Find Good Horror Books Or Something Then I Would Be Willing To Read Does Anybody Know Any Good Horror Books?.

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WinkHere  is  just  a  little  suggestion,  why  not   try  to  reach  out  to  READING  other  BOOKS.  since  u  are  still  in  school   then  there  is  no  limit  to  books  that  u  can  have  access  to.  school  is  too  broaden  out  your  way  of   thinking,  with  Science,  History,  n  so  forth.  anyhow  this  was  just  a  suggestion  only, i  don't  wish  to  offend  no one.  take  advantage  of  school,  learn  all  that  you  can  because  it  will  pay  off  in your  future.  it's  nothing  like  EDUCATION, it's  nothing  like  been  able  to  support  yourself  from  your  own  [pockets]. KNOWLEDGE is  POWER,  WISDOM  is  SALVATION,  so  please  go  DEEPER  with  BOOKS   TRY  IT  U  MIGHT  LIKE  IT!!!!!  you  might  not  like  my  answer   and  thats  o.k.  [ just  words  to  the  wise].p.s.  I  love  Horror  movies  i  never  read  Horror  Books.


You SHOULD read more than just HORROR. However many schools urge reading of the Great EDGAR ALLEN POE which has CLASSIC horror like MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH, THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO, DESCENT INTO THE MAELSTROM. You can also try the 17 or so books that make up the NECROSCOPE series by BRIAN LUMLEY.


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Congrats on going to school!  Hope it goes well for you.

I agree with the other posted netters...More than horror is good.  But reading for fun is never wasted time.  Personally Bram Stoker is an awesome pc. of work (just reread it myself) and every fall I reread Edgar Allen Poe.  He is - well, he's the bomb.  Of his work I absolutly love 'Loss of Breath' as well as 'The Fall of The House of Usher".  And then there is the great Stephan King.  You may want to check out some of the postings of the talented Fearnet residents - Alaric is one of my favs.

I'm sure they'll have you reading and writing about the classics once you're in school so don't forget to read just for the hell of it!Sealed, V.

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 Try Stephen King.

If youy don't want a novel, he has several short story compilations that are great. Can't go wrong with Night Shift, Skeleton Crew, or Nightmares And Dreamscapes.

Great short stories to be found in all.


Poe is good too, as stated.

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