tales from the crypt

tales from the crypt

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thats where its at. anyone??

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I jus recently got the box series of the Crypt and holy bunnies! its so corny and i actually miss shows like that then what is put out on television todayUndecided

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You know I have noticed that there have been no movies that feature short-films.

Twilight Zone movie, Tales from the Dark Side movie, Tales from the Hood, Creepshow, etc.

Especially since most films going straight to DVDs at your nearest Wal-Mart is the norm these days, I just don't put the effort in trying to search anymore.

Although I did love the Japanese film 3 Extremes.

Also, I just don't think there are any good television shows like Tales from the Cript in the 90s, Twilight Zone from the 50s-60s, Tales from the Dark Side from the 80s, and The Outer Limits from the 60s (the 90s revamp was good too).

All I know is that I loathed the revamp of Twilight Zone a couple years back; sorry Forrest Whiticker, but you sucked as the host!

One more thing. Does anybody remember the TV series in the late 90s called Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction? It use to be on the Fox network and the host was a former Star Trek star. I liked that one too, but felt it was underrated.


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I recorded all of Beyond Belifes on my DVR from chiller, it was a fukin good show, I want it back

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Yeah. I dig Chiller.

It would be nice though if they didn't censor their movies and saturate their network with too many fucking Ripley's Believe it or Not reruns.

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I really dont like chiller, just like a few of the old shows it plays like Tales From the Crypt, Millimun, Nighmare Cafe. I hate it censorting films and shit, and show dumb shit like RB or N, Buffy the Vampier Slayer, and the worst, Fear Factor

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Ive been watchin Tales from the Darkside lately but other than that i really miss watching tales from the crypt and the twilight zone. kinda wondering if theres anything like that that can be equal or greater to tales from the crypt or the twilight zone.

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does anyone remember a show kinda like tales from the crypt? it started in a cartoon comicbook type then it panned into actual film....ive been trying to remember but cant quite figure it out...i remember one of the sketches was about a guy that was in a white room then he sees a roach and kills it then millions and millions of roaches come out of the vents and eat him from the inside out...any help would be appreciated....i watched it on like cinemax or hbo like 15-16 yrs ago?

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I don't think there will be horror series (at least as far as American television is concerned) that will equally compare or exceed the glory days of classic horror shows--feel free to pick your favorite series or decade.

My guess is that since broadcasting is changing significantly now (Netflix, Red Box, Youtube, etc.) it could be assumed that people (in this case horror fans) get their entertainment some place else, so television doesn't need to provide us with anything "new" because we can get our fix with other providers. Just my opinion. For example, I actually saw the whole 1982 Twilight Zone Movie all on Youtube.

Networks like Syfy and Chiller are poor excuses of anus fudge! Half the crap they lable as horror are just straight to DVD movies featuring "who gives a shit" actors in order to promote reruns of Angel and "Syfy Original Series" that will cancel in few weeks tops.

Again, just an opinion.

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It's Stephen King's Creepshow! A horror movie featuring shorts. A classic! My favorite short film in that movie features Leslie Nielsen burying his victims with only their heads sticking out near the beach shore. It's amazing to see him as an evil son of a bitch in that one. Laughing

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i agree but also online u have to sort thru tons of shitty stuff to find ur fix...and youtube unless if u dont mind having to pause every ten mins to find and load the next vid...what other places do u go to find it?


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