has anyone

has anyone

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made their own horror films??

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Some small time "Backyard with a camcorder" stuff, nothing real "independent film festival". It's hard to get people to star in movies at my age...because all of them want to be the main character and none of them want to die. >_>

I started doing this "Video diary" thing involving a Mr. Alex Steep (played by me) trying to survive a zombie apocalypse with a few zombies and some survivors (played by random friends and family members) this was based on a short story i wrote a while back for English class.

I was going to put them on "Youtube" and update it every week with a new episode but i never got around to finishing it (everyone else seemed to stop caring). besides, it can't be about zombies with no zombies, now can it? :D

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and i was thinking about putting a few peices on youtube myself, but it seems as though we have the same problem.

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*raises my hand*

Actually, that's not completely accurate.  I haven't actually directed any flicks...yet (not sure if I ever will, but you never know).  I was the Production Assistant/stunt coordinator/zombie extra for a zombie flick made in Houston, TX.


Right now I'm about to be the Unit Production Manager and have a small speaking part in another movie called Jacob, as well as participating in Splatterfest in which we have a weekend to write, shoot, and edit a horror short.  Should be interesting. 

www.houstonhorror.com  We've actually got some stuff going on in Texas that I'm proud of.

But yeah, I was called a film-maker, and I guess that's as good as anything right now.  I'm helping other people make their films, but hopefully someday soon I can have some of my own ideas see the light of day.

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I've made a few really micro-budgeted movies.  Nothing that's gotten a lot of buzz or even been on Netflix.  We did get a movie onto one of those collections in Best Buy and have a half dozen titles or so on Amazon.com.


My personal favorite, the one I'm proudest of, is "Stopped Dead", which stars Debbie Rochon and Joel D. Wynkoop.  The one audiences seem to be most excited about is "Alien Vengeance", which is strange because it is the lowest budgeted feature film I've EVER made...except for the sequel.

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