i love asian horror films who else does!!!

i love asian horror films who else does!!!

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im a fan u watch the asian version of some of the american films and they give you more of the story instead of half like what and why things are happening instead of just ohh my god theres a big evil ghost where did it come from why is it attacking wtf   lol you know what i mean if you know any real good asian horror flicks send me a list Laughing

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obviously you haven't seen "Carved"... that was one of the longest and most disappointing viewing expierences I've had. the 250 word urban legend was better than the 2 hour movie...

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Not really, i just wanna know one thing , and that it is WHATS WITH THE FOOKIN HAIR IN ASAIN HORROR FLICKS, if you have checked out EXTE-hair extensions you will know what I am talkin about!!! it takes the fookin piss, did they miss out on the hippy era, , I just dont get it !, i think they just smoke far too much!!!lol,



Yeah. Asian Horror is just messy chicks with wet hair. Over rated. Dont misunderstand me, Robyn. I respect your opinion but sometimes people forget that most of the BEST horror ever made was American/British/Italian. From Universal Studios to Hammer Studios, From Carpenter/Hooper to Argento/Fulci to Marshall/Hitchcock. Boris Karloff to Christopher Lee. Asian is just something new. For me, it aint all that.

@ Carp. Check out my little blog for HARIONAGO. It is probably the legend the movie guys are more or less focusing on with the hair.

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I do like some/most of the asian horror that I have seen...I thought it was different when it first came out.. A lot of it seems to have (as mentioend earlier) the long, black haired, no visible face thing going on in almost every movie now though. I guess even when good concepts are over used, it can take away from its original appeal. Speaking of this hair thing.. There is an asian movie called The Wig..and yes, the movie was about a long, black haired wig.

I will say that my favorites will always be the the original Dawn of the Dead, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Shining, Psycho etc...

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I like Asian folklore, like teck-teck, the slitmouth Lady(Carved), the long necked woman, the red cloak, and the Kappa (A kappa is a monster that lives in toilets...). But their films.... far below American and European statures.

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these films are great mthere more to scare the shit out of you and blood and guts,but ive seen a few and ive been impressed,

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I like what I've seen so far. More and more as remakes dominate (and really crappy remakes at that) I'm starting to give up on American horror in general. Asian horror films take it to a new place where things like artistic integrity and originality still matter.



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haha sorry, i gotta tap into what was said about "best" horror movies. ok the brittish cant make a good movie of any kind to save their lives. they have some good tv shows but no such thing as a good brittish movie.

but there are some descent german horror films. in my opinion, it would be asian, german and american that make the best. i only say american because of the 80s horror, some of the best horror ever came from the 80s, but anymore, americans cant make anything worth watching.

i love asian horror, they have the balls to do things that americans wont do. american films are all about ratings. asians are about a fun over the top movie.

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Hmm i disagree you must have heard of hammer films? or 28 days later/dog soldiers /mum & dad/tony/dog soldiers/wilderness to name a few brit films also france are leading the way at the moment & Australia are killing it with shit like loved ones

what German films are you refering to?


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i love asian horror movies as well here are just some of the one i have seen.


tale of two sisters

whispering corridors 1,4,5(haven't seen 2 or 3 yet)


suicide song


there are alot of asian horror movies i haven't seen yet that i want to see


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