October 2010 Movies

October 2010 Movies

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Looking forward to all of them,saw 3d looks too be best yet,can hatchet2 out do the first?Can not wait!  

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@ HELLFIGHTER Thanks for the info. Here's hoping that Hatchet 2 finds its way at least to the DVD shelves if not back in theaters.

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Has anyone seen case 39? This movie interests me, but there hasn't been much publicity for it.  Obviously Saw 6 was much better than saw 5, so I am looking forward to how they wrap it up in saw 7 (face it, it's saw 7, not saw 3d).

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im hoping hatchet 2 does well. Looking forward to it

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Let's get started shall we: SAW 3D, please let this be the last installment of an already dead franchise that couldve arguably have been the best horror trilogy of all time. After 3 the franchise in my opinion took a turn for the worst. I'm looking forward to HATCHET 2 because I loved the first one. I hear it's even gorier than the first one (yayyyyy!!!). Don't get me started on LET ME IN (boooooo) I'm a huge fan of the Swedish original and I don't think they will make a movie half as good as the original. I don't care if it's the first movie from the revamped HAMMER FILMS!!! This is not the same hammer films of before. I read a reply mentioning THE FLY, THE THING remakes. Uh hello, does DAVID CRONENBERG and JOHN CARPENTER ring a bell? Those movies were remade by absolute masters of this genre. Last but certaintly not least CASE 39 to me was a sleeper hit, filled with enough scares to keep me entertained throughout!!!!! Good movie


THE THING is actually a PREquel to the original although I think the new director is an arrogant swine. He called J.C.s original masterpiece, "campy". But he is trying to stay faithful to the original and CLAIMS to be using real efx not cgi per the original. We will see.

THING SPIDER HEADCASE 39 for me isnt worth

admission. I found it forgettable but entertaining enough at the time. I would wait for it on dvd or cable.

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I have to say...I'm all set with the 3d movie stuff. I'm a purist and they make my husband want to puke.

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i agree 3d fookin sucks, and untill it becoms epic beyond all reasoning, they should just fucking stop.

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I've been wanting to see Hatchet 2 ever since I watched the first one. I think Paranormal Activity 2 will be better than the first one. I'm excited about Saw 3D but I'm sad that it's going to be the last one though :(

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If your looking for something to watch at home i've seen sooo many horror movies and if your like me always tryin to find a good movie that i haven't seen 'so if by some chance you think that you can recommend one i would love to hear from you...okay if by some chance you ain't seen "Shutter Island"plz do so i thought that it had a great story as well as it being a suspence/thriller as for me i really liked this movie and honestly i didn't think that it was to far fetched i could see something like this happening and that just made the movie that much better...give it a try if you haven't already it's been out for some time but well worth it...and if you don't like it then cuss me later,'lol but i think you'll enjoy it! Another one that has been out in video for a while is "The Crazie's if you get into movies with zombie type stories to them than more than likely you will like this one too. again if you don't than cuss me later,if you ain't seen these two try them and let me know what you thought of em and if you have already seen them,Do you agree? did you think that both these movies were pretty damn good? "Peace Out"


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