Suoernatural recap 10/15/2010 Weekend at Bobby's/ snneek peek next eppi

Suoernatural recap 10/15/2010 Weekend at Bobby's/ snneek peek next eppi

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This eppi directed by Jensen Ackles


Bobby the Researcher

Did you ever wonder how Bobby seems to have an encyclopedic knowledge of demonology? It's not easy. We get to see his side of the story after Dean calls for a demon I.D. and the result is a hilarious all-night montage of him studying, breaking into a university library and working his butt off all for a 10-second phone call with Dean.

Bobby the Ladies' Man

It turns out the ladies love cool Bobby. An eager next-door neighbor bakes him delicious treats and nearly throws herself at him. He's a bit dense and doesn't get it, and when he finally comes over he kills a demon in front of the neighbor, which is a deal-breaker for her.

Bobby the Multi-Tasker

Sam and Dean aren't the only idjits Bobby helps. His phone bank is constantly ringing with requests for assistance, so Bobby's real job seems to be as a phone operator and Hunter cruise director. He can also help Dean kill a demon over the phone while talking to the cops and helping Rufus.

Bobby the Father Figure

Dean comes crying to Bobby about how Sam is different, but Bobby has his own problems, so he gets the brothers on the phone together and delivers the world's most awesome speech calling them out for their selfishness. He loves those boys, but as this episode proves, he has his own life and his own problems.

Bobby the Hunter

Despite all the books, phones and women, Bobby is, first and foremost, a Hunter. He decides to track down Crowley's Earthly remains to force him to give back his soul. To get there he tortures, interrogates and kills a demon by burning her bones, proving that he still has what it takes. He also has friends who are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to help him.

Rufus steals a ring, gets arrested and swallows it to ensure its safety. Meanwhile Sam and Dean travel all the way to Scotland to dig up Crowley's bones. That's right, the Winchesters went international and saved the day, getting Bobby his soul back.

The Secret Life of Rufus Turner

If finding all sorts of secrets about Bobby isn't enough, the episode also saw the return of Bobby's pal Rufus, and we learned a whole lot about him. He uses the aliases Luther Vandross and Ruben Studdard, he knows his Scotch, and he's Jewish. He'll also do anything for Bobby, including digging through his own feces to find a ring he swallowed.

The Secret Life of Crowley

We also find out a lot more about Crowley. He's not just the King of the Crossroads, he's the King of Hell. He's also Fergus MacLeod, a tailor from 1661 who sold his soul to get three extra inches below the belt. I guess ExtenZe didn't exist back then. He also had a son who hated him, which was OK since he hated his son too. In the end, however, he's still the same fun-loving demon who will live to amuse and annoy another day.

Next week on Supernatural: Dean turns into a vampire. Despite the fact that it's called "Live Free or Twi-Hard," the preview is surprisingly serious. I can only hope that they're not showing us some hilarious comedy.

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If CROWLEY is the King of hell, who did he sell his soul TO, in order to become KING? THE GRAND IMPERIAL BOOBAH OF HELL ? THE ROYAL OVER-DA-KING SALESMAN? THE LORD HIGH ACCOUNTANT AND POSITION GIVER OF HELL? BURGER KING? OBAMA? Just curious is all. . . . . dont want to lose track of all the demonness and king giving. . . . . . just saying. . . . . . . .mebbe I can get a job buying souls. . . . .kinda like flippin old houses. . . . . . . which contrary to beleif is NOT like flippin burgers. . . . . . .hey. . . . I think Im asleep and my fingers are doing the walking and talking. . . . . nah. . . . just another m.night shamamama type dream. . . . . sure is dark here. . . . . .  . . . . . .zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



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Bite me! LOL ! I know its all in good fun! I really love animation! And you make me smile!vampire1.jpg

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