I spit on your grave (Original)

I spit on your grave (Original)

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I saw the preview for the remake and I had to see the original. 

Whoa, that chick really wanted revenge.  I thought it was a decent original.  It reminded me of the original "Last House on the Left".  Pretty good movie made for that day and age.  I really pumped now to see the remake.  That looks like its alot more gory and violent than the first.

Anybody else see the original?  What did you think?Laughing

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Saw the original a few months ago (after hearing about it for years)...it's a rough one to sit through, particularly what she does to the schnook in the bathtub. I understand the late Richard Widmark was a fan of the movie, thought it was ahead of its time.

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i finally saw the original the other day, it was so good, i can't believe i waited so long to watch it.

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