For those of you who like stuff like THE HILLS HAVE EYES, 2001 MANIACS, WRONG TURN. Here is a flick I picked up hungry for anything not garbage. While completely derivative. This flick wont bore you. Typical strangers bumping into violent inbreds, a little of the Firefly family but with the look of THE HILLS, the town of Maniacs, the lost country feel of Wrong Turn. NOT great, but not crap if you are bored and dont spend a whole lot. It IS kinda the same ol same but hey, I eat pizza on a regular basis without getting too tired of it. Its horror, I hadnt seen it, it was better than the pure shit of THE FOURTH KIND and pARANORMAL CRAPTIVITY. Anybody else see this? From 2009 ALBINO FARM.                         HELLFIGHTERS SMILEY

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i have not seen that movie yet and i don't want to spend alot. i agree if a movie doesn't look like garbage i'd like to see it. i've found some good movies at a fair price that was not garbage and i find myself wondering why most ppl wouldn't consider a low budget horror as a good movie. thanks hf i'm going to add that to my list of movies to watch.

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Haven't seen it. I will also watch low budget if it's decent.

Thanks for the recommend! :)

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nah mate i aint seen it, but from the looks of this uber sexy red hot dirty looking chick , i most certainly am going to have to !!! thanks , your what we call here a proper diamond geezer!!!!



LMAO! Thanks Carp. . . . . I think! LOL. No expectations, it aint all that but might as well instead or REwatching something else. That IS one of the "cuties" in the flick. She hates it when the boys say, "Ugh!"

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Seen it and liked it.  Thourghly entertaining, and it has the WWE star Chris Jericho in it who does a good creepy guy in it.  Also Chris Js' poppa played hockey back in the 70s' I think for the Rangers

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this is the kind of movie we need to have on Fearnet since a certain movie rental company has seen fit to only have it on DVD.  Don't they understand that we have to share those 3 DVDs at a time with other people in the house?  After cartoons and chick flicks that limits our viewing opportunities.

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Saw it and loved it.  That is another one of my weaknesses that I can not resist is  effed up inbred movies!.

I loved Chris jericho in this move thought he did a good job.

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yep ive seen it and i thought the same thing.  it was one of those movies that got hyped up tooo much in the articles that i read about but still didnt disappoint that much

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