New vampire film - Midnight Son

New vampire film - Midnight Son

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Hey everyone. I wanted to let you know about an independent vampire film that I've produced.  It's called Midnight Son, and it's a bit different than the typical vampire movie.  My partners and I produced it on a very small budget, and are now in the process of finishing it up.  We aren't sure when it's going to be released -- or if it will be released at all, for that matter.  We don't have distribution yet, and to be honest, it's hard for small, independent films to get distribution these days.  So, I wanted to ask for your help.

We recently released our trailer, and I wanted to ask if you'd be willing to watch it?  We're really curious to hear what horror fans think of it.  You can leave comments on this forum, or on YouTube.

Another favor to ask: if you like the trailer, would you consider following us on Facebook and/or Twitter?  We've been told that distributors look at the number of Facebook and Twitter followers that a film has when they're considering buying it, so we're trying to build up our numbers as best we can.

Also feel free to post a link to the trailer anywhere you want online (Facebook, blog, etc). Anything we can do to let more people know about the film, the better.

Thanks for checking us out!


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We were just discussing this flick on thecarpenter666 discussion, UPCOMING HORROR. The trailer looks pretty good. We have high hopes for it. Good luck.


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We gave The Midnight sun a little love on FEARnet last week, so you can embed the youtube video or like to facebook/twitter all from one place.

Support good indie horror.


And don't forget to join their facebook page.

And follow them on twitter

Good luck with the movie guys!

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@HELLFIGHTER - Thanks!  And very cool that thecarpenter666 posted about it!

@FearNetAdmin - I don't know how I missed that posting you guys made!  Thank you so much!  You guys rock!

We'll definitely keep ya'll up-to-date on what's happening with the film.  Can't wait for you to be able to see it!

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looks pretty good... i have a friend in DC in television production... i could find out who he may know in the film industry (he just had a walk-on role in a new film by the dude that produced Blair Witch) if you'd like...

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please keep us informed of any distribution deal , you may get , I am sure you will get it, i will help where i can !!

Its great to have producers like yourself come here and tell us about your movie, I first heard of this here in the |UK on a film review programme , do you know anything of this, ?, I am constantly looking out for new fresh upcomming horror, and i saw Midnight son , you are right it has a totally diff concept as a vamp movie from what i gathered from the trailer , i look forward to hearin more from this, and of future projects you have in the pipeline!!

we welcome you with open arms !!!!!Wink

we are the fans !!!!!great people here who love horror, !!!!

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@Miss Echo - Was he in Possession?  That's the new film from Eduardo Sanchez, co-director of Blair Witch.  He is actually an Executive Producer on our film!  :)   Ed and I go back many, many years.  We went to college together.  I was a producer on Ed's last two movies: Altered and Seventh Moon.  Anyone seen either of thise?

@thecarpenter666 - No, I don't know anything about it being mentioned on a film review program in the UK.  That's fantastic, though!  Can you post some information about how I can get in touch with them, or send me a private message?  I would like to say thank you to them!

So glad you like the trailer!  I really hope we'll be able to distribute the film in the first half of 2011.  Can't wait to hear what everyone thinks of it.


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Yeah, great trailer, looks like a good movie! I like when the dialogue "Everybody has that thing they don't want others to know" "What's your thing?" matched the visuals of snorting lines and then cutting the blood bag open. Good stuff! Here's hoping you score that distribution deal soon.

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