Blood+ Gore and video games?

Blood+ Gore and video games?

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I am sure this topic must have been brought up at some point, but seeing as I do not see it atm and I am very curious I shall start the discussion!


If you are a gamer, what is your all time fav. horror game? 


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I might be going old school here, but my all time favorite would have to be Splatterhouse.

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Not sure on that one. The first one I played if you count it as such was the first Doom game.



Though my all time fav. is between Silent Hill and Bio shock.

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WOLFENSTEIN E.T.  isn't a horror game , but it was based on a real horror

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Ah this is a tought one, ummm ill have to say my top favorite would have to be silent hill 2. Out of all teh silent hill games it was the best one. Theres also amnesia, the dark descent..... but its a more run for your life and hope you dont die lol

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As far as glorious, unfettered gore is concerned, I'd have to say the uncensored version of Manhunt 2. The first game is also quite good, centering around the concept of an interactive snuff film...a creepy idea unto itself.


Doom 3 is also fantastic. The whole space station atmosphere with its disorienting layout and array of demons, zombies, and other monsters, it's a damn disturbing game.

Of course, the Silent Hill games could easily take the cake. Every time I replay the first Silent Hill, my stomach drops a little. The graininess and the old school graphics, coupled with amazing audio and music, make it a very terrifying adventure that still gives me chills...everytime...

And we mustn't forget the Resident Evil Games...

Oh, Danny Lamb, you're such a sexy video game character...

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